Zencommerce India Pvt. Ltd. received “The Most Affordable Ecommerce Software” award certificate at ‘SoftwareSuggest Recognition Awards 2020’ on February14, 2020.

Considering Zencommerce India’s price pattern and services, SoftwareSuggest panel awarded Zencommerce India Private Limited with “The Most Affordable Software” certificate. The platform has received awards for the best ‘E-commerce Platform’ for three consecutive years.

Zencommerce India claims to provide an Ecommerce platform that is very budget-friendly and affordable; People who earn less than one lakh rupee per year or students can also afford the software.

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Zencommerce India started in 2014, provides a very user-friendly SaaS-based ideal E-commerce platform solutions for those who want quick and professional set up for their business to buy and sell on the internet or who want to expand their business globally with the help of online store [webshop] and online market.

Zencommerce India, a leader in the domestic E-commerce market with more than 3800 plus users, is still growing from micro to large trading companies operating locally and internationally.

 Zencommerce’s platform provides a bundle of solutions like payment solution, logistics support, order notifications through email and SMS along with marketing options that help one in driving direct and indirect traffic to the e-store. There is much to offer under one roof and the merchants are on-boarded in just a few minutes.

Ankur Goel, a dynamic web professional, started ‘Zencommerce India’ as he has seen ‘how small shopkeepers are struggling to sell their products and restricting themselves by supplying products to a limited area’. Some shopkeepers are doing good but the reach is quite limited, and some shopkeepers are not able to do the business at all, they are unable to do business beyond a particular territory. And he could sense that there is a need for every business person to take the brand global, so online shopping plays a very vital role in today’s life. After the online presence, the foot-fall to physical stores is relatively decreased. Hence if a shopkeeper decides to parallelly operate an online store where he can definitely make his product available globally and with an online store, he would also get brand recognition (which is equally important).

Goel understood the importance of the online market and e-store but not every shopkeeper can afford an online store because it’s expensive. So he came up with a SaaS-based eCommerce platform (Software as a Service) which is quite budget-friendly, which any shopkeeper or entrepreneur can afford even those who have a single product or more than 50,000 products to sell.

SoftwareSuggest awarded Zencommerce because they understand the need for new businessmen or entrepreneurs and they understand how much online market matters today.  

Post demonetization in India, many shopkeepers had to adopt digital methods of payment. This issue was resolved by Zencommerce as it offers budget-friendly inbuilt functionalities that facilitate payment acceptance against the products in their online store. The creative layouts and pool of graphic skins provided by Zencommerce also help make business websites attractive.

Web stores can be updated with the help of social media and inbuilt SEO such that the user can control it easily from their administration panel. Zencommerce believes in constantly evolving, adapting the growing needs of an online store to meet the requirements of its customers.