Over 53% of the corporate companies are picking for yoga sessions in working environment to boost efficiency which wiped off the sick days, increment mental clarity, combat weakness, improve memory, helps to fight stress and the ambiance of the work environment. Yoga is catching on in corporates. Corporate gigs gets an opportunity for yoga classes within their workplaces.

Corporate classes come with great challenges. For starters, there’s the classroom area. Whereas expansive organizations may have wellness centers with rooms implied for work out, smaller companies do with what they have classes may be held within the lunchroom or conference room. Small yoga breaks may become part of your workday. About 15 companies, counting Tata Chemicals, Axis Bank and E&Y Global Services, have joined an AYUSH service trial advancing 5-minute yoga breaks comprising light works out, PTI reports.

The service had prior inquired government institutions and corporate houses to deliver employees a 30-minute yoga break to assist them de-stress. About half of desi specialists endure from a few kinds of stress according to a 70-company overview of 800,000 individuals. Dr. B K Rao, Chairman of ASSOCHAM Wellbeing Committee Committee said that the number of employee from the corporate world who look for yoga classes has gone up by almost 35-40% this year compared with the final year (20%). Numerous B-Schools are moreover taking the lead from corporate to have obligatory yoga modules to lessen the stress of the candidates. As per Dipali Goenka’s, CEO & Jt. MD, Welspun India Ltd’s opinion, “I believe a healthy body & mind is the key to success. I have been following a fitness regime for years & I can tell the difference it has made to my life. I encourage everyone to imbibe a culture of fitness. Let’s chase our fitness goals as we’ve chased our business goals.” Wendy Tui, Director of Operations at Allied Contact Management stated “Our team did yoga during our Monday morning meeting this morning. I love learning new ways to increase our productivity and help bring our team clarity. Got our blood flowing and we’re ready to go! What are some out of the box things you do with your team to increase your productivity and help boost your mental clarity? I’m always looking for new ideas.”

ASSOCHAM Co-Chairman of Health Committee Council Dr. H K Chopra felt that Yoga helps people to think clearly, sharpens intelligence, improves learning ability, helps cope with problems and produces better job performance. Having yoga in the workplace offers a convenient way for employees to have a balanced life and to fit a workout in, without having to leave the premises.