A 2.5-year-old baby girl was brutally raped & murdered. Eyes gauged out & extreme injury inflicted on her body parts.

Four persons including the main accused Zahid, his wife, and associate Aslam have been arrested for abducting and killing the girl in a revenge crime over a financial dispute Zahid had with the child’s father.

The girl’s mutilated body was found on June 2 in a garbage dump.

Uttar Pradesh Police had constituted a special investigation team (SIT) to probe the murder

Is arresting the culprits a gesture enough to show us that the authority or our judiciary system is active enough to tale prompt action? Should we not want that these barbarians should be racked to death, they should be subjected to the ultimate torture human race has ever witnessed, that they should be castrated in full public view? I myself might sound like someone brutal, but today I am not penning down my thoughts as my regular job, today it’s a MOTHER OF A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL CHILD is writing, who is not only worried but scarred for her own child’s safety. In a land where Nirbhaya is yet to get justice, what hope is there for this little life, so innocent? Law of death penalty has been made, yet to be implemented. When will India see that dawn where these rapists are hanged till death? That will be the day when the sun will not feel ashamed to light up the eastern yonder of our country. 

This shocking crime and that too against a little baby has left us all in shock, beyond shock we are dumb with utter grief. Are we humans? To avenge her father over some financial disputes Zahid and his cohorts which includes his wife, a woman herself, hatched this diabolical plan of raping and killing a little baby, who did not even know the evil side of the world. We say GOD himself resides in children, really? Where were YOU then when Twinkle was hacked to death? YOU should have made an appearance to save that unimpeachable sinless pristine life. Oh NO!!! YOU stood like a mere statue when in 2018 Asifa was drugged, raped and killed in your temple, the place where we go when all the other doors close for us to pray to YOU in search for a guiding light of hope and in 2019 YOU too played your role of a lifeless effigy to the hilt of not protecting that little baby. Why? Like us Humans, have YOU too started believing in communal hatred, religious rifts? But just a reminder the color of the blood of both Asifa Bano and Twinkle Sharma is RED, even you cannot make out the difference, they both are YOUR creations, yet YOU will not be able to differentiate which red blood corpuscles belong to Asifa and which ones belong to Twinkle. That is the biggest allegory.

I am a HINDU mother, bur are the emotions of a MUSLIM OR A CHRISTIAN mother are any different than mine? The harrowing grievous tormenting pain and agony Asifa’s parents went through and still going through is any different than the stinging despair and heartache Twinkle’s parents will be going through all their lives? So, where is the difference? Be it Asifa, be it Twinkle, be it Aisha or be it Christina, the pain, the throbbing twinge is SAME, AS SAME AS ALLAH, JESUS, BRAHMA, VISHU AND MAHESHWAR.

My first identity is I AM AN INDIAN and as my fundamental right I demand justice from the highest authority of this country, the government we re- elected. I know I can’t approach the Prime Minister, but yes I can definitely approach my countrymen to stand for these two prematurely lost lives in my journey of seeking justice. You all can find me in face book by the name Soumi Bhattacharya and there on my wall I have created a page to demand justice for Asifa and Twinkle, where you just have to sign the petition. Please spare me that one minute of your life to save thousands of Asifas and Twinkles who might be again taken away from us in the most boorish of ways in a more vengeful manner. I need hundred (100) signatures, then only it will reach the Prime Minister Office and maybe we can expect some action.

That little twinkling star up there, lighting up the whole of the empyrean will have some solace, some of her pain will be healed when she will see her country fighting for her, I can’t bring her back but I can try to save another Twinkle. Asifa, I know you too have suffered unbearable pain, dear child, something which we cannot even fathom in our right senses, but I will try and I will pursue your country to fight for you too. I too have a daughter you know, she was your age last year, and today a MOTHER is promising to avenge you dear Asifa. Rest in peace, Twinkle and Asifa, please know, at least this stubborn MOTHER will not abandon your cause.The criminals will have to be punished and the Government will have to show their pro activeness – PRONTO.

An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
Educational Qualufication -MBA (HR) and M.COM (Banking and Insurance). You can ask any question to the author on this mail:

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