The government is testing it possesses moment informing benefit for smartphones and will likely dispatch it afterward this year. Named Government Instant Messaging Service, it’ll supplant the WhatsApp and WeChat bunches where sarkari workers as of now talk about key and touchy issues. The aim is to keep programmers and guarantee that all the transmitted information is put away locally. In the last year, the French government moved to a locally created instant messenger to shield itself from surveillance by foreign intelligence agencies.

Abhinav Vats, Project Lead, Govt-INCLEN said, Good move! given how rampant the use of ‘gmail’ is within the Indian government circles to officiate communication. The brazen use of private email accounts is ubiquitous and a normal ‘way-of-life’ and an inordinate usage continues without adequate protective measures, increasing cyber risks.” Rajib Kumar Jena, Vice President at Bajaj Auto Ltd felt, “When WhatsApp became a phenomenon we adopted at office for Group creations and instant communication amongst the group members. But the officialness could not be brought in as much as that character was for email based communication. It was always suspected that the information would leak in WhatsApp. The same is possible in email; however the traceability is available. Still, WhatsApp dominated the conversation space in offices as well. At that time someone chuckled saying that WhatsApp owners made a killing by selling to Facebook when we found ourselves napping. Now this news says that the Government is creating a WhatsApp for office use, purely from security concerns.  Pretty late wakeup call. Could this be as good as WhatsApp? If so and it enables absolute security, it can start a new popular platform. Government plans WhatsApp-like app for official communication.”

The government’s plans come after the likes of Android, from the Google steady, said it would cut ties with Huawei’s smartphones after the US government on May 21 banned the Chinese company’s items conjointly banned US companies from providing software and components to that firm which makes telecom hardware as well as smartphones. The US has too been squeezing India to bar Huawei from 5G, but New Delhi is however to take a call.

WhatsApp, possessed by US major Facebook, considers India its biggest showcase with more than 200 million clients. The social media stage in spite of the fact that has been at loggerheads with the Indian government over the latter’s requests for traceability of messages, as a portion of New Delhi’s endeavours to break down on gossip-mongering which leads to criminal acts such as mob lynching.