Vastu is a science that is complete in it and can bring happiness to the whole world. Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with the man and the material. Vaastu Shastra is creating a congenial setting or a place to live or work, in the most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called “Paanchbhootas” of nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology; it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong. 

Our sages and seers have known the secrets of using all the five elements of this universe and their special characteristics and influences such as the magnetic field, gravitational effect etc. of earth, the galaxy in the sky, the directions and velocity of the winds, light and heat of the Sun including the effects of its Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red rays, the volume and intensity of rainfall etc. for the advantage of the mankind in suitably planning and constructing buildings for dwelling, prayer, entertainment, education, working, production and other purposes.

Why all should follow Vastu 

Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong. Vastu Shastra is an ancient building science which covers the philosophy and theory of Architectural works to construct any building and as well as living style of people. Vastu Shastra is based on various natural energize. Utilization of the energies gives us pleasure peace, prosperity and money etc in our life. Vastu is rational, as it is scientific, it is permanent as it is based on directions and directions are unchangeable. It is beneficial as it is a bridge between man, material and nature and above all it is practical, as it is very simple to follow. Build your house according to the guidelines provided by vastu and lead a healthy and happy life. Vastu can be used for every room, every house, every temple, every shop industry, town planning, tour, cities and even for earth. Vastu can be used for micro as well as for macro level. Every creature on earth starts its life with sunrise as it performs day & night. Hence there is much importance of sun in every one life. 

There are three forces in action to create harmony. Wind, water and fire. If these forces are kept in their appropriate places, then there will be no disturbance. But if water is put in place of fire and wind in place of water or in any other combination, the forces will start acting accordingly and create disharmony and un-peacefulness.

Lets see some examples of Vastu : 

We know we have the Himalayas in the North and Northeast side of our country which is against vastu, thus there is lot of poverty in our country. There is water in Southwest and southeast side of our nation, thus we have to face the attacks of foreign empires. One thing that makes India famous is that we have our slope towards east, which is a very favorable and auspicious sign.The location and construction of the famous Balaji Temple, the most prosperous in India, are all according to Vastu, Water tank in the Northeast, Kitchen in Southeast, and the Lord in Southwest facing East and so on.

About the Author: Amruta Amey Amberkar is the Vastu Consultant & Spiritual Healer. Vastu Expert-Masters in Vastu and pursing PhD in Vastu Shastra. You can get connected to the author through [email protected]

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