Accordingly, WR will run 60 pairs of its 12 car suburban services (total 120 i.e. 60 in Up direction & 60 in Down direction) between Churchgate & Dahanu Road w.e.f. Monday, 15th June 2020 with defined protocol & SOP, only for movement of state govt staff on essential services duty. 

The above trains will run from 5.30 am to 11.30 pm with an interval of approx 15 minutes. Maximum services will run between Churchgate & Virar, but few wl also run up to Dahanu Road These services will run an as fast local train over WR, between CCG & Borivali & will run as slow beyond Borivali.


EMU Services running plan of MUMBAI DIVISION (C.R.) for an essential staff of state government:

1) Total 200 services will run (100 UP+ 100 DN).CSMT to KASARA/KARJAT/KALYAN/THANE- 130 services (65 UP+ 65 DN)CSMT to PANVEL- 70 services (35 UP+ 35 DN)

2) Halts at major stations only, like that of fast locals.

3) Timings of UP services arriving at CSMT are- 7 hrs, 9 hrs, 10 hrs, 15 hrs, 21 hrs, 23 hrs.DN services timings from CSMT are- 7 hrs, 9hrs, 15 hrs, 18 hrs, 21 hrs, 23 hrs


State Government will be the nodal authority. Approximately 1.25 lakh employees (including 50 thousands on Western Railway) of essential services of state government are expected to travel by these trains. These special suburban services will not be for general passengers/public & will be strictly for essential services employees of State Government of Maharashtra only.

Travelling authority will be applicable as per normal procedure over WR & CR & certain booking windows will be opened for the same. The Railway workman special trains, already running will continue to run.

RPF will be deployed at various stations.Food stalls will not be kept open. Entry will be given at stations through ID cards of employees. Later on, the employees will be issued QR based E-passes which will also bear colour coding to enable swifter ticket checking. State Government will coordinate for this.  Railways and the State Government will ensure multiple rounds of checking to ensure only essential workers board these trains. 

The state government has been urged to ensure all those allowed to travel are done so after ensuring that they are medically fit and do not come from the containment zone. To allow adequate social distancing in the coaches, unlike its seating capacity to accommodate about 1,200 persons, only about 700 are to be allowed per train. 

Further, the state government is advised to stagger the timings of its offices for workers coming from different areas to ensure there is no crowding at the stations and inside the trains. 


It is requested not to rush to the stations and follow medical and social protocols as mandated for COVID19