Mumbai: As Coffee and movie dates are out of the picture but that isn’t hindering Indians from virtual dating. Matchmaking apps, attempting to enhance with new highlights such as video calls have seen a spike within the number of clients in the midst of the lockdown. The lengths of Conversation on Tinder have expanded by 28% whereas inquire about by Bumble in June uncovered about 80% of clients are open to or have attempted virtual dating at least once. People are moreover not restricting themselves to their current locations for a match, especially given that many have moved cities in the last few months.

Akshat Mohindra- Growth Hacker & Public Speaker, “The value of conversation, emotional well-being has increased manifold over a flippant, casual friendship. This pivotal shift in approach towards relationship & values associated with it has led to an overall shift in Matchmaking. Do we expect this to continue, in all honesty, it should, because a forced pandemic break has given everyone the much-needed break from the fast-moving life that was being led by a majority of the folks. Another parameter to measure is how the adoption of social media has risen exponentially over this time period which points towards people’s propensity to look at digital platforms as a choice of utilizing time.”

Vikas Kumar – Digital Marketing & Brand Manager, “I found dating platform Tinder is now testing a video dating feature to tackle the COVID-related slowing of user growth. Bumble had launched a video and voice calling feature last year. Globally on OkCupid there has been a 30% increase in messages sent each day since March 11. Matches have increased by 10% and conversations increased by over 20% as singles turned to online dating.”

Every month, a million people in India turn 18. The 18 to 35-year cluster now has 430 million individuals. And out of the 110 million singles in urban areas, 70 odd million are actively seeking partners. I put on my marketing hat and thought about brands who are targeting GenZ crowd online and there my pretty niece was prepping her pickup lines coz why should boys have all the fun! This can be a better medium to generate awareness for your future customers.

COVID-19 has compelled businesses to revamp their strategy. Dating apps like Bumble and Hinge added the voice/video call and the ‘Date from Home’ #features in their apps which led to:

  • 30% increase in messages
  • An average of 21 min increase in call durations
  • 70% of people opting for virtual dating

If the demographics of the Indian population are seen:

  • Nearly 1 million people in India turn 18 every month

Women’s ratio on dating apps improved from 80:20 to 65:35. Tinder has planned to add a video calling feature in its app. In Q1 2020 Financial report, Match Group reported a 28% average subscriber growth and 31% overall year-on-year growth. With the new video calling feature, the subscriber rate and overall growth are likely to increase.