Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, who is at the bleeding edge of India’s fight against COVID-19, is set to take charge as the Chairman of the WHO Executive Board on May 22, authorities said on Tuesday. Vardhan would succeed Dr. Hiroki Nakatani of Japan, as of now the Chairman of the 34-member WHO Official Board.

Vardhan would be chosen at the Executive Board assembly of the World Health Organisation on May 22, the authorities said. The chairman’s post is held by turn for one year among territorial groups and it was chosen last year that India’s nominee would be the Executive Board Chairman for the first year beginning Friday.

On 73rd World Health Assembly via video conferencing on Monday, Vardhan had said India took all the vital steps well in time to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. He had declared that the nation has done well in managing the illness and is certain of doing superior within the months to come.

The proposition to name India’s candidate to the official board was marked by the 194-nation World Health Assembly on Tuesday, authorities said. He’s taking over the post appears to be a convention after the choice that he will be India’s nominee as the WHO’s South-East Asia group had collectively chosen last year that India would be chosen to the official board for a three-year-term starting May. It isn’t a full-time task and the minister will be required to chair the Official Board’s meetings, an official said. The Official Board is composed of 34 individuals technically qualified within the field of health, each one assigned by a part state chosen to do so by the World Health Assembly. Member States are chosen for three-year terms.

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India is set to take over the chairmanship of the Executive Board in the midst of growing calls, counting by US President Donald Trump, to examine how the coronavirus began in China’s Wuhan city and consequent action by Beijing. The Board meets at slightest twice a year and the most meeting is in January, with a moment shorter assembly in May, quickly after the Health Assembly. The most functions of the Official Board are to allow the impact to the choices and approaches of the Health Assembly, to advise it, and to encourage its work.