Keeping in mind the Josh of India’s large youth population and increasing burden of pension from defense budget paved the way for the 3-year-long internship option titled “Tour of duty”. The tour won’t be tourism at all it will involve rigorous training like full-time regular troops and will create a disciplined youth for the nation who later will be the leader to lead the country.

There is opposition to this initiative who comes with valid point that looking at cost-cutting might impact national security and internal crisis as Officer interns after completion of 9-month training might not be provided with young officer equivalent courses which are generally conducted after they get first posting as these further specialized training will add to cost. The respect received by officer interns when commanding troops might not have the same impact as being freshers and less operational exposure regular jawans might not respect them as for their position.

Important factors that can be implemented include, deployment of ToD in areas which are not having sensitive information as post-retirement they might be lured to give information that can lead to a breach of secrecy unknowingly, or otherwise, this internship must come with a restriction of joining in foreign-based companies dealing in military affairs.

It is better to reserve post of officer interns for central armed police forces or state armed police forces as they are having experience in leading troops over years and will not create that level of difference in comparison to intern officers among regular soldiers of the army.

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The initiative overall is a giant footstep that can lead youth to a disciplined force if inducted after school as jawan when they complete NCC and has high Josh and upon service of 3 years they will be welcomed by corporate like Mahindra which has already expressed support.