The capital is in news again, making headlines over all wrong reasons and this time it is not only morally wrong, but insensitive and inhuman. Now what can be more sensational apart from the media circus over upcoming elections? SLUT-SHAMING! Yes a middle aged woman slut shamed a group of young girls, who might be the same age of her daughter (if at all she has any) in Nukkadwala restaurant in Sohna Road, Gurgaon Delhi yesterday.

The girl Shivani Gupta was wearing a short dress and was with her girl gang. Now this woman, out of her own shallow mindset and antediluvian primitive outlook, expressed her own outdated archaic view that “Girls wearing such short dress should be raped” and she didn’t stop at that, her caustic barbaric comment did not satisfy her sociopath mind, she asked seven men in the restaurant to rape them! Is it for real? 

In a democratic country a girl can’t wear what she chooses to wear? But a man can look at her lecherously, a man can molest her because she chose to abide by her choice of clothing, a man get rape her because she is wearing something short? Why? If the parents of a girl child are expected to teach their daughter to wear long covered clothes then why don’t the parents of a boy teach their son to respect each and every woman irrespective of what she is wearing? When will India get rid of this “Raaja Beta” concept where the son can do no wrong?

And why talk about a man? Here a woman, so degraded, so disgraceful that being a woman herself, she publicly urged men to rape a girl. RAPE? Is it just a word to speak out so easily? Do we even realize the manifestations of this boorish action on a woman when it happens to her? Has the Nation completely obliterated the agonizing memories of Nirbhaya from its heart? Lighting candles and protesting on social media, sitting in the cozy corner of one’s living room, will not really help. The antiquated frame of mind and psyche needs a deep cleaning.

The middle aged woman in question here is just a reflection of our bigoted rotted social system, who thinks that if a woman wears a short dress she is inadvertently trying to draw attention of the opposite sex and encouraging them to rape her. No Madam, no woman does that, what she wears is her personal taste and choice and you of all people cannot be her moral police. You cannot provoke men to rape a girl because she is wearing a short dress? What is your opinion when a baby girl of four or five years gets raped? Or an old lady of seventy five maybe gets molested? So they also provoke these sick minded buggers who try their filthy hands on them? Any comment on these burning issues Madam? Wearing short dress invites rapists to lay their hands on the victims is a passé , by now it is a proven fact.

Did you even think twice before saying what you said? You suggested RAPE? From the video that has gone viral, we all have seen you were draped in a long kurti from head to toe, your choice, fair enough. But what if on your way back home a gang of goons attack you and eventually end up raping you? Well, if they can rape a two year old, what would stop them from raping you? It can happen right? As responsible citizens let us not ill wish any woman with this shattering harrowing experience.

The woman did not budge an inch from her opinion of girls purposely dress to provoke males to get them raped; she carried on with her ranting even when another lady, a mother of a girl, tried to reason out with her.

Sorry Madam, your words, your thought process, your obnoxious turn of mind only talk about your culture and upbringing which certainly need some refinement and maybe treatment of sorts for objectifying young girls for their choice of dress. Your twisted bent of mind could not conjure the thoughts in your brain but came out as cruel unkind and vicious verbatim. You can think in your mind whatever you want to, that is your right, but you can’t exert your right of expression in this brutish diabolical lingo.

In 2019, in our country a young girl is harassed by a woman of her mother’s age with threats of such grievous appalling consequences of rape, her only fault being wearing a dress of her choice.

Is Stone Age coming back where Gothic chapters would be written everyday with some woman’s blood, by some lusty men, titillated by a handful of shameless outmoded psychotic deranged women?