December-The days are shorter and nights are colder all you need this winter season is a warm blanket with a hot coffee and book we could just curl up in our beds all day!!!

Winters in Mumbai are usually not so cold nevertheless, it’s a bit chilly outside especially in the early morning and at night. With this pleasant weather comes very much consequences of dry skin, frizzy hair, chapped lips but, Hey!!! It cannot stop you from enjoying this weather!!!

  • First things first- Water is a very essential part of our body even during the winters! We do not feel thirstier often during winters, but hydrating your body is a very major step you should take to keep your body healthy internally and externally. The air is drier during the winters so drinking 8 glasses of water every day is really important. Bonus tip:- Drink lukewarm or warm water
  • Choosing a Good moisturizer is very critical step in hydrating your skin saving you from the dryness and giving you long- hour protection for the skin. Remember skin is something that you have to wear all your life, you better take of it! Always carry mini body lotions and creams with you when you have a long day travel or while going for work. Trust me it will help you like no other person can, your skin will be thankful to you!
  • SPF creams are not only for summers, you can use sunblock creams which is around 30 or above for adequate protection. SPF can applied around the year because it protects your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • There are tons of DIYs or remedies that you can try at home – Aloe Vera masks are one of the most effective ones you can try at home without much investment of time. Simply apply Aloe Vera gel on face and hands fresh from your garden. You can also use Aloe Vera for head masks which will moisturize your scalp and roots giving you shinier and smooth hairs without frizziness.
  • Chapped lips aren’t appreciated, so always remember to apply Lip balm even when you are to home.  It gives your lips nourishment and better care. And if you don’t want to use too much artificial products then simply apply coconut oil while you are at home – No lip balm can ever beat the goodness of coconut oil.
  • Do not forget to moisturize your hands. You need them the most, they have fewer oil glands as compared to other parts of your skin because of which the moisture escapes quickly. Keep applying moisturizers and lotions frequently for soft and smooth hands and never ignore your nails and cuticles. They become dry and flaky during winters therefore apply creams on your fingertips too. Exfoliate your hands and legs frequently but not too often so that the skin can absorb the moisturizer quickly and can do the magic.

  • Wet clothes should not be worn for a long as it will cause itchiness and dryness in your skin. Always make sure to remove wet socks, shoes as soon as you reach home. Try to carry a muffler or a scarf during winters it will protect you from the pollution and smog and will keep you warm.
  • Other than these steps taking care of you Diet and exercising is also an important part of taking care of your body during winters. Yes! I know it’s hard to leave your bed during winters but if you want a healthy body image you have to do some physical activities like jogging or cycling. Metabolic activities increases your heart beat, pumps more blood into your organs and skin making you feel cheerful all day.

Sometimes we tend to ignore small things that we should avoid during winters some are:- are avoid drinking cold water, hot water baths and most importantly try not over cleanse or exfoliate your skin and avoid face packs and masks containing alcoholic ingredients. Wet clothes should not be worn for a long as it will cause itchiness and dryness in your skin. Always make sure to remove wet socks, shoes as soon as you reach home. Carry a muffler or a scarf during winters it will not only protect you from the pollution and smog but also will keep you warm.

These are the few tips that will help your body and skin to glow naturally!!!