Taloja: The managing committee members of Taloja Industries Association met Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, vice chairman and managing director-CIDCO Ltd. and joint M. D.-3, Kailash Shinde October 5, to voice the following concerns of the TIA member industries:

Metro Rail: Satish Shetty (Anna), the hon. President of TIA, expressed that there is no proper mode of connectivity in Taloja MIDC area. Hence, status of building Metro stations inside Taloja MIDC was discussed. 

TIA emphasized that building the two metro stations (station nos. 12 and 13) will be a boon, both for the Industries as well as their employees. Apart from this, residents of Taloja area can also avail the facility. Further, Satish Shetty stated that Metro stations, from 1 to 11, will not have commercial viability for CIDCO, if Metro is not connected to Taloja MIDC area. This is because 3 lakh employees work at Taloja MIDC. Dr Mukherjee understood the problem and said, he would take up the matter ahead. 

Status of Completion of Road Concretization of 1.25 km road stretch, starting from Taloja CETP, to the flyover, connecting to Roadpali, was discussed. This is the 2nd entry road into Taloja MIDC area. Half of the road is completed. Satish Shetty expressed his satisfaction about the way CIDCO and its contractor (P.P. Kharpatil) had gone about completing a speedy job and further, hoped that CIDCO would continue to put up a similar pace, till the complete road is concretized. 

Dr. Mukherjee assured that he will try to complete the project by May 2021. Satish Shetty requested that he was hopeful about concretization work being over by December 2020.  

Road towards Pendhar Metro station: TIA stressed the need to have a road, going towards upcoming Pendhar Metro station, which will originate from engineering zone (block A, B, C, D and E) of Taloja MIDC Industrial Area. Mukherjee assured that the work would be taken up for feasibility study.  

New Flyover required: TIA requested CIDCO to consider building a flyover, which will run from Roadpali (Kalamboli), crossing the old Mumbai Pune Highway, going towards Taloja MIDC. Dr Mukherjee agreed and said that construction of the flyover is being planned by CIDCO. TIA expressed gratitude for the planning done by CIDCO. 

Truck Terminus: TIA requested CIDCO to consider allotting plot for building Truck Terminus. This move will decongest truck traffic in the area. Satish Shetty said that CIDCO plots are available, which can be reserved to create Truck Terminus.  Dr Mukhejee queried about who would operate the Truck Terminus, if plot is allotted by CIDCO. Satish Shetty responded that TIA, can do it on its own, or can arrange Operators for the project. Further, Dr Mukherjee suggested that auction can  be called to initiate the subject.  

Weighbridges: TIA emphasized to CIDCO to allot CIDCO plots in Taloja MIDC area for putting up Weighbridges. Dr Mukherjee said he would work on the same and explore if any plot can be allotted. 

Buffer Zone required: TIA remarked that Buffer zone area should be demarcated in Taloja MIDC, as it is critical to have the zone, both for Industries and residential areas. This would keep the residents safe during Industrial disasters. Dr. Mukherjee said he would look into the matter. 

ESIC Hospital: Taloja MIDC generates employment to over 3 lakh people and majority of these people fall under the category of availing ESIC services. Hence, TIA explained to Dr. Mukherjee that an ESIC Hospital, in Panvel area, will be a boon to all. Dr. Mukherjee said that CIDCO will be keen to support such a hospital project, if ESIC is willing to execute the project. CIDCO advised TIA to initiate this activity, coordinate and arrange a joint meeting. Further, Dr. Mukherjee remarked that he would take up the matter with ESIC commissioner.

The others representing TIA included Bineet Salian, hon. Treasurer, Bidur Bhattacharjee, secretary general and Sunil Padhihari, executive secretary.