Shh! Just think for a moment and try to recollect the last time you were sitting in peace reading your favorite book or meditating not thinking about when you need to leave for work. In a busy city like Mumbai where people are seen running to catch the local trains right from 4 in the morning, one thing people seek is silence.

On the occasion of National Quiet Day  which was first introduced by Whirlpool  we at NewsWithChai would like to tell our readers the importance of peace in one’s life. You should spend a day with yourself. Try to do what you like Mumbaikars . Read a book, go out, eat a vadapau, meet a friend and most importantly meditate, be it for 5 minutes because your body and your mind does need a break after that hectic schedule you follow 5-6 days a week.

As told by Aparna, from Art of Living Foundation based in Navi Mumbai, “ As Yoga is the union of body ,mind and breathe so by practicing yoga  calms our mind keeps our body healthy and fit and brings our breathe in harmony with our body and mind. So keep doing Yoga for a healthy life”.

Yoga being an exercise for your body and your mind will give you peace. And today we would like to encourage everyone to perform meditation and simple yoga asanas for your own good. Escape a little from the busy lives you have been leading and give some time to yourself.