Today is National Pet Day, a great day to show love to your little friends. If you’re a pet lover then today’s the day to spoil them by showing them how much they mean to you. Cuddle them, treat them with their favourite food, and take them for a walk.

Karan Shahh, Certified Canine Trainer and Behaviourist shared that, “Before getting  a pet, remember, it’s a commitment of life and  not an asset, If you are adopting  a puppy who are cute remember   they need plenty of  attention. Try to foster a pet before adopting/purchasing, it can be a great way to determine if you are ready for the commitment. Make sure vaccinations are given on time. Set a routine for your pet. Always remember to reward your pet, Set a routine for your pet and most importantly be loving, patient and kind with your pet”.

Shumona, Owner of Kharghar based Pet station briefs why she started pet station, “I have always been a pet lover, but the idea of opening pet station arises when I was away from my home and there was no proper place to keep my dogs. Unfortunately we have to keep them caged. After returning I was amused to see that the behaviour of dogs was changed drastically. After that I started a pet station”.

Giving some tips about adopting a pet, Harish Iyer, Indian Equal Rights Activist and Pet lover said: ”It is important to research about the pet before adopting them. Ask yourself the question that ‘Do I and my family have adequate training to keep a pet?’ Ensure that you don’t go against the law of your society because some of the society don’t allow pets. Understand that pet is beyond your ego, one of the important thing to remember is that you get a family member, it is life time commitment”. “Pet ownership teaches us responsibility and equality. It is a grounding experience. It gives us both- the Power of parenthood and also the joy of being a child again”, He concludes.

Saif khan, Pet lover expressed his love for pet by saying, ”if someone will ask me to choose between humans or pet. I will always choose pets. Some people are so insensitive that they throw stones on them and no one around them raise voice against it”. ”On this National Pet Day I really want government to do something for strays. But fortunately there are people who feed them and are caring about them”, he added.

There are so many neglected animals waiting for some love and attention. Pledge this National Pet Day to donate food or other supplies to stray pets or if you don’t already own a pet, what better time to adopt one, it is famously said “Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

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