Chocolate is one of the most desirable sweet around the globe and when it meets milk then they create magic together. Today is the day when these love birds met each other. Celebrating Chocolate Milkshake Day is one of the more pleasurable thing a chocolate lover can do, as it gives one an excuse(which people need)to indulge in their favourite flavoured  shake.

 Rich, creamy, indulgent and irresistible milkshake is perhaps the perfect dessert. Cold enough to take the chill off a hot summer’s day, smooth enough to be enjoyed through a straw, thick enough to provide a satisfying weight on the tongue or cute enough to share with your lover. Make it with chocolate? Heavens. Chocolate Milkshake Day celebrates this indulgent dessert and its history, especially when it meets its soul made yeah u guess it right milk. In 1885, a luscious thing happened; the term “milkshake” was first recorded and introduced into the dessert world. At that time a milkshake referred to something what we call “Eggnog” now, a mixture of eggs, whiskey, and a variety of spices and flavourings. In 1900’s it became a term for a beverage. Still during that time ice cream was not officially part of the mix, though it was commonly ordered along with them.

On this Chocolate Milkshake Day.Michael Swamy , World renowned Chef, a traveller and fantastic author share his secret recipe of his version of Chocolate Parfait.



White chocolate 180gm

Vanilla Extract 15ml

Honey 90 ml

Mint finely Chopped15gm

Gelatin 20gm

Heavy cream 500ml

Milk 150ml

Raspberries 240gm


Place the chocolate with the honey in a bowl, scald the milk and add in the dissolved gelatin.

Pour the milk over chocolate and add vanilla and mint, stirring it to blend.

Beat the cream to soft peaks and fold into the cooled mixture.

Pipe the parfait, layered with the raspberries into dessert rings and chill.


Pooja khanna, Co-founder of Bakery club of India shares some Do’s and Don’ts of Chocolate Milkshake :

Don’t overdo any ingredient. Striking a balance in the ingredients is important to get the perfect flavour. For every 250 ml of milk, you will need 2 scoops of ice-cream and 1 tablespoon of chocolate sauce. Do not add ice as it will just water it down. If you like your milkshakes thinner, add more milk. Make sure your ice cream is tempered soft but not runny. If the ice cream is too hard, you’ll add too much milk and thin it out, diluting the concentration of the ice cream.

You can create variations in your chocolate milkshake by adding a dash of mint to refresh you, or a dash of coffee if you are a coffee lover. Cinnamon adds a unique flavour to a traditional chocolate milkshake. You can even add cherries to the drink to make a black forest chocolate milkshake. Hazelnut, caramel, peanut butter, and even crushed Oreo or chocolate chip cookies are other options you can use to tweak the flavour of the milkshake to your liking. If you’re adding cookies/ oreo to your milkshake, add them roughly crushed to the ice cream. Blend it once before adding milk to it.

Always use good quality chocolate ice-cream and a good quality chocolate syrup for making the best chocolate milkshake. Put your glass in the freezer to get a nice chill on it, before you pour in a chocolate milkshake.

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day:

Celebrating National Chocolate Milkshake Day is very simple. Make the most of this day a call for true indulgence by inviting group of friends and bringing every form, shape, colour of chocolate you can imagine. Is there a better way to go? We think not. You can prepare a homemade milkshake too. By just getting the ready-made chocolate milkshake powder and fill up the large glass for your family.

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