January 2019 is the ‘Hobby Month*’. A hobby is a pastime or pursuit that is separate from a profession or career. A hobbyist pursues the hobby to satisfy personal or creative urges. And, hobbies vary in their intensity and scope.

Hobi’ in its Anglo-Latin etymology means ‘small, active horse’ and no wonder that the origin of the word ‘hobby’ dates back to ages where people loved the horses and had a ‘toy horse’ with them as a sense of pride (circa 1400).

People pursue hobbies on a very occasional basis while other people do them daily. That is one of the nice things about a hobby – you can expand or contract the amount of time you invest in it based on what you want and what you want to learn or achieve. It is the bliss of life and a definitely harmless DeStressor!

As Dale Carnegie, world famous motivational and transformation writer once said “Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto.

We, at NWC, decided to celebrate it with our readers. The clarion call for the celebration of hobbies is on. Let’s all unite and revive the ‘endangered specifics of human cohabitation and harmony‘, sometimes also called, a hobby. This Hobby Month, let’s all flaunt our hobbies.

*Source Credit: http://bit.ly/nwccontests

 Aircraft Spotting Airbrushing  Airsofting           Acting
 Aeromodeling Amateur Astronomy Amateur Radio Animals/pets/dogs
 Arts  Astrology  Astronomy  Backgammon
Badminton Baseball Basketball  Beach/Sun tanning
Beachcombing Beadwork Beatboxing Becoming A Child Advocate
 Bell Ringing  Belly Dancing  Bicycling  Bike Riding
Bird watching Birding BMX Blacksmithing
Blogging BoardGames Boating Body Building
Bonsai Tree Boomerangs Bowling Brewing Beer
Bridge Building Bringing Food To The Disabled Building A House For Habitat For Humanity Building Dollhouses
Butterfly Watching Button Collecting Cake Decorating Calligraphy
Camping Candle Making Canoeing Car Racing
Casino Gambling Cave Diving Cheerleading Chess
Church/church activities Cigar Smoking Cloud Watching Coin Collecting
Collecting Collecting Antiques Collecting Artwork Collecting Music Albums
Compose Music Computer activities Cooking Cosplay
Crafts Crafts (unspecified) Cricket Crochet
Crocheting Cross-Stitch Crossword Puzzles Dancing
Darts Diecast Collectibles Digital Photography Dolls
Dominoes Drawing Dumpster Diving Eating out
Educational Courses Electronics Embroidery Entertaining
Exercise (aerobics, weights) Fast cars Fencing Fishing
Football Four Wheeling Freshwater Aquariums Frisbee Golf – Frolf
Games Gardening Garage Saleing Genealogy
Geocaching Ghost Hunting Glowsticking Going to movies
Golf Go Kart Racing Grip Strength Guitar
Handwriting Analysis Hang gliding Hiking Home Brewing
Home Theater Horse riding Hot air ballooning Hula Hooping
Hunting Ice skating Illusion Internet
Jet Engines Jewelry Making Jigsaw Puzzles Juggling
Keep A Journal Kayaking Kitchen Chemistry Kites
Kite Boarding Knitting Knotting Lasers
Lawn Darts Learn to Play Poker Learning A Foreign Language Learning An Instrument
Learning To Pilot A Plane Leathercrafting Legos Listening to music
Macramé Magic Making Model Cars Matchstick Modeling
Meditation Microscopy Metal Detecting Model Rockets
Modeling Ships Models Motorcycles Mountain Biking
Mountain Climbing Musical Instruments Needlepoint Owning An Antique Car
Origami Painting Paintball Papermaking
Papermache Parachuting People Watching Photography
Piano Pinochle Playing music Playing team sports
Pottery Puppetry Pyrotechnics Quilting
Quizing Rafting Railfans R/C Boats
R/C Cars R/C Helicopters R/C Planes Reading
Reading To The Elderly Relaxing Renting movies Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
Robotics Rock Collecting Rockets Rocking AIDS Babies
Running Saltwater Aquariums Scrapbooking Scuba Diving
Sewing Shark Fishing Skeet Shooting Shopping
Singing In Choir Skateboarding Sketching Sky Diving
Sleeping Smoking Pipes Snorkeling Soap Making
Soccer Socializing with friends/neighbors Spelunkering Spending time with family/kids
Stamp Collecting Storytelling String Figures Surf Fishing
Swimming Tea Tasting Tennis Tesla Coils
Tetris Texting Spelunkering Textiles
Tombstone Rubbing Tool Collecting Toy Collecting Train Collecting
Train Spotting Traveling Treasure Hunting Trekkie
Tutoring Children TV watching Urban Exploration Video Games
Volunteer Walking Warhammer Watching sporting events
Windsurfing Wine Making Woodworking Working In A Food Pantry
Working on cars Writing Writing Music Writing Songs
Yoga YoYo