How you look at the world and how you make impression is important: Netra Shirke.

There are stories of women those who truly inspire us and the world, be it in the field of sports, education, politics & entrepreneur. This international women day meet Netra Shirke a prominent name in politics. While there were only men as a chairperson in standing committee, Netra Shirke breaks 21 years of history of NMMC and became only woman chairperson of standing committee in the year 2015. Currently she is the chairperson of swachta mission community in NMMC(Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation). Under the guidance of Netra Shirke, Navi Mumbai have ranked 7th in the country for Swachh Survekshan 2018.

Netra Shirke proudly said, She is very happy that Navi Mumbai have achieved 7th rank in the country and 1st rank in Maharashtra for cleanliness, what makes her more proud is that Navi Mumbai have been voted as best city for participation in Swachh Bharat Abhyan.

Sharing about the journey she shared that she had a wonderful learning experience about budgets, funds allocation and development process. She also added that NMMC is working on debris collection and CNG treatment plant in remote and rural areas.

On the account of International Women’s Day Netra Shirke gave the message ’Get educated be confident, be clear about your goals so that nothing can stop you and remember how you look at the world and how you make impression is important’, she concluded by adding that “women are very emotional so we should also learn to say no sometimes”.