Agreeably this is the era of social media which is flourishing by leaps and bounds every day but being logged in Face Book or having a voguish bio in LinkedIn is not the way to update you. You have to be abreast with the current market trends, changed fiscal policies, the ways in which the global giants are working, their source of motivation, how they are leveraging their resources.

Online marketing is a new trend and so is digital marketing. If these concepts are not clear in your head, you will lose to another candidate who has given labor to get a fair idea on all these.

A detail research on the organization, its existing policies, its current corporate hierarchy will not harm you before you appear for an interview, these information actually furnish you with data that boosts your confidence. People sitting on the other side of the table are no fools, they can gauze the reflection of true confidence and a fake know it all attitude. Go with the right kind of passion, ardor and zeal.

In my corporate days there was this particular question I had asked almost every candidate, “Where do you see yourself from now five years down the line?” And the answer which irritated me the most was, “Mam sitting on your chair, interviewing a candidate”. Kindly don’t give this impression that you are bragging, because the person who is interviewing you has been entrusted by the organization to acquire the right kind of talent for that particular position and in mere five years you cannot reach there. Do not commit this mistake. This answer is very annoying, trust me.

“Leaders are Born, Not made” we all have debated on this topic in some point of time in our lives. It is true some people are born with leadership qualities but leaders can also be made. So be that leader in your work place. Motivate your team, catch a fellow colleague when he falls, take responsibilities, own up to your mistakes and give credit to your team. Taking extra onus to achieve that deadline is not unheard off, right? Leaders do that. As I said earlier you will have to aspire to be the ENGINE, so being a leader is like being an engine. Patience and perseverance are two major assets a leader has to cultivate.

Do not be fake. Fake resumes are very easy to catch, trust me when I say this. Do not give an impression you are that trophy employee after whom all the major corporate giants are running with a huge package, foreign holidays, travel offers in business class, staying in a seven star when on a tour – so on and so forth. Don’t show that you are actually considering this offer (you have already assumed the job is yours and yours only!!!!) as a show of charity.

You lose on the honesty and loyalty quotient. Where you should have shown passion for work and growth, your lofty dialogues and improper attitude has cost you the job dearly.

In a job, as an employee grows, the organization too grows in accordance and vice versa. Please send across this signal, that you want to grow with the company and your personal growth will only enhance the larger picture. But also ensure you are not sounding desperate to grow where your tone or language is misconstrued like you are game to adopt unscrupulous means to achieve anything. So moderation is expressing your desire is always advised.

We all work for money. But asking for an arm and the moon and the stars is not only stupid, you are also playing the dumbest game ever. The organizations know the salary bandwidth and how much its competitors are willing to pay to an efficient candidate, hence they will negotiate accordingly. If you don’t know then it is your lack of interest and later do not cry foul. And do not throw away a job for few thousands, brand value also matters.

Being cooperative is an added quality which is embellished with tolerance. Managing Work Life Cycle is another feather to your cap. Adapting to constant changes, as in Kaizen, should be your second nature.

Customer is the ultimate King everywhere, so never fail to cater to their needs. Show positivity even in the most negative of situations where customers are concerned. Organizations want solutions from you; they do not want you to escalate problems without offering solutions. So try to come up with solutions in benefit to both the parties, do not, I repeat do not focus on problems. Vendors are our external customers, treat them with same empathy, but don’t disclose the areas which are not pleasant or proper to discuss. Internal problems should be taken up internally. The sooner you learn this, better are the chances of sustenance and survival in the organization.

And lastly do not give up. It is lot more easier to quit but anything easy in life is not seen as a great achievement. This small excerpt will hopefully help and arm you all aspiring candidates to land your dream job. But the zest to thrive in all kinds of environment, facing all odd situations, going through every trial and tribulations should come from you and there you are all alone. So be adaptive, be positive, be confident, be savvy in your chosen area of work, engage yourself in self study, and keep yourself updated with the current market scenario. And above all be honest, it shows in everything you do or say.
Cheers to all the young guns out there and best of luck to each one of you in advance before you face any interview in future. And here I take your leave.

An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
Educational Qualufication -MBA (HR) and M.COM (Banking and Insurance). You can ask any question to the author on this mail:

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