The word “INTERVIEW” itself gives jitters to fresher’s and even to accomplished employees who can boast of a body of work behind them. Actually it is unnerving for any one of us to face questions on ourselves, describe our achievements, explaining why we want to leave our current organization and start afresh. It is almost a catch twenty two situation. We cannot afford to say anything negative about the organization we are trying to sign off from, yes it sends out a very dissenting signals, not a very desirable quality any Talent Acquisition team or Technical Team would want in their future employee.

Good News is now we can handle all these trials and tribulations being completely armed with a set of constructive knowledge about how to face an interview and eventually crack it.  Industries’ leaders have time and again came forward and shared their experiences of hiring talent in this era of cut throat competition and have enlightened the areas where most of us go wrong and deviated from the actual goal.

Job seekers and their success.

Life is all about balance, so Interviews should also be faced with technicalities blended with proper balance. Their evolution of any fresher in any industry if given constructive effort and endeavor as individuals is phenomenal.

There are always valid reasons why an organization of great repute employ some candidates and reject some. While we as outsiders do not often comprehend the reasons behind their decisions, but most certainly there are points which the Human Resources Manager or team, Technical Manager or team scrutinize very closely and then take a final call.

While we study in colleges, go for post graduation, we all dream of that one coveted plush job, a life of opulence and freedom to do anything that we have not been allowed  to do so far.

But does good grades, academic excellence and astute intelligence only help in achieving that OFFER LETTER? NO.

There are certain qualities organizations look for in their future employee. Maintaining punctuality and sense of time is a major one.

Dressing sense plays a crucial role. One might have been a diva or Mr. Dapper in college, but that persona will fall flat on face in interviews one is appearing for. It is advised to go for a subtle, a little conservative, yet chic look while appearing for an interview. Applying loud make up or wearing gut wrenching fragrance to appear savvy and sassy is a boomerang. Formal look in case of both the genders create an aura which force the interviewers take a little more positive diversion towards the candidate.

Not everyone is born with eloquence or articulacy. Those who are blessed with it know how to strike a conversation, where to pause and how to end with a close ended answer.

But people who are not gifted with that oratory and rhetoric skill have to work upon it. It is advisable to use simple English and not to meddle the conversation or the interview with back breaking jargon’s or vocabulary without knowing the correct fitment. Why is language used in the first place? To pass on the message that we want to convey to the other party. So let’s keep it simple, nobody, no organization is expecting Victorian English from candidates, their expectation is totally different.

Body language, for one, is hugely judged. Sloppy or lethargic body postures end the session then and there, rest of the questions asked is just a formality. One can forget about a future call.

Taking too much time in answering a question is also detrimental. It should not take more than two minutes to introduce yourself, then explaining your core competencies and summarizing your accomplishments. The language used should be properly articulated and to the point. Wasting time is perceived fatalistic.

An organization puts you under a microscope created by the HR team in form of certain set questions. HR tries to evaluate your cultural background, your sense of ethics, your level of motivation, your understanding of the job role that you have applied for. It is done to see whether you are the right fitment in the culture of the organization.

My days as a corporate HR, taught me one thing. The policy is “Right Man / Woman in the Right Place”. This is the balance on which the systems of all corporate giants work.

Round with HR is like bringing out the hidden persona from within you. But then comes the technical round with the Technical Manager or team, in some cases.

Technical team will only evaluate your skill set; your past accomplishments will make an impact, although going overboard with past accomplishments might as well turn the tide against you. So, make a snapshot of what all you have done in your capacity, highlighting the major accolades earned and make it brief. Remember, crisp and to the point answers always earn the brownie points. Long monologues will bore the interviewers.

Organizations always look for an engine and not a compartment. An engine drives the train ahead and is responsible for the smooth plying carrying all the passengers aboard. Compartments depend on the engine for running; its role depends on the efficiency of the engine. So try and be that ENGINE. Don’t turn out to be a baggage which nobody wants to possess.

Adaptability is another quality organizations look for. You have to adapt to new situations, to new management, to new managerial policies, to new boss, to new culture. I know of a giant food retail group which underwent a sea change in its policies and the work ethos which was being followed for more than a decade and the group did reach its highest pinnacle. But the same policies, same boss, same incentive structure brought complacency in every level of the management. In 2016 the board hired a very famous professional who hails from IIM Calcutta from another Retail group on contract basis and he changed the game. Age old policies were revised, employees who did not update themselves with the current trend and market knowledge were given golden handshake, and many honchos left but this man did not take the route of compromise. He did not tolerate complacency. But all those employees across all levels, who stayed back and adapted themselves to the new changes and the new wave, are super successful today.

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An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
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