Movie: The Sky is Pink

Star : ★ ★ ★ ★/ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Zaira Wasim, Rohit Saraf

Director: Shonali Bose

Film in breif

The Sky is Pink is based on real-life express the story of a family through Aisha, who is the daughter in film. When we first hear voice when she was not yet born. Aisha dies at the very young age due to serious illness. Making a film about death is complex. The maker have presented it without being overtly manipulative and without making this sensitive topic as cringe to viewer. Shonali Bose, who has directed the film and co-written it with Nilesh Maniyar, avoids the saccharine which is used by most of emotional Bollywood pictures which makes this film unique. The Sky is Pink transit the audience to the world of normal family where there’s love, relationships, sweet fights, talks about life and serious matter like death. Throughout the film you will have emotional roller caste ride where you will cry, you will be surprise, you will think what’s next and laugh. Let me Warne you beforehand that carry your tissue or handkerchief because you will need it.  Aisha takes us through different timelines and flashbacks narrating love story, marriage, parenthood and sex life about their parent life. Aisha gives her family nicknames. She calls her father as Panda, her mother as Moose, her brother Ishaan as Giraffe. Slowly we learn how Aditi and Niren put their lives aside so they could focus solely on their daughter. They even spent years living apart. We also experience how his elder brother Ishaan (Rohit Saraf) handle being the neglected sibling.

In the first half itself we come to know about the loss of their first child, Tanya, to SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency), a rare genetic disorder. Their second child, Ishaan doesn’t get this genetic disorder but their third child, Aisha gets diagnosed with the same. In this film we go through series of events, journey the family goes through while dealing with the impending death of their loved one that keep us glued to our seats.

This film has some of the mistake like if you miss noticing the date, time or place of event written on screen it will be hard to sync with film as it passes. At someplace Farhan and Priyanka’s love story the battle of Aisha is somewhere neglected. Though second half does focus on her treatment and how her family is trying to make the ‘rest of the life: best of her life’ .Somewhere it does looks superficial. These are just some questions which are not cleared till the end. Eccentric background sounds goes smoothly with storyline. Dil Hi Toh Hai in the voice of Arijit Singh and Antara Mitra’s adds life to the film.

Cast Acting:

 It is come back film for PC after break of 3 years. Priyanka acts deep into the character of a mother who protect, care, heal and nurture. Zaira Wasim delivered a mature and effortless performance. This film is Zaira’s last Bollywood film as she has quit acting. Rohit Saraf, despite his small role made sure he is remarkable. The bond shown in the film depicts a true bond of brother and sister without making it fictitious But Farhan Akhtar’s stands out amongst all. A silent scene in which he enters his son’s room and they both men break down was amongst top heart touching scene where we cannot help to control our tear.

Overall, The Sky Is Pink is a heart touching story narrated with a blanket of emotions. The song, the story and the performances stands out and leaves footprint in our hearts.

A Must-Must watch film.

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