She liked pencils and colors;
Anemones, Lillie’s, Sunflowers,
A world of hers she’d fabricated;
Filled with fondness, uncontaminated,
Yet there was a secret untold:
Metamorphosing her completely cold!

Carefree, merry, all the time she smiled;
And lived amidst beasts, who wily beguiled.
Imbecile she was, thinking she was protected;
Deeds of hood winkers she always neglected.
Horrified she grew, her blood ran cold;
When she saw the secret gradually unfold!

He nudged with heels, to get things started;
Every time on seeing she was not guarded,
She sensed his fingers slide from knee to bosom,
Soaked eyes, pale face, forced in acts that were gruesome!
Dwindled her faith,tears washed off in rain.
Can anyone answer her question,“Hurting me,what did he gain?”

Whimpered all alone, hiding her bruise;
Whiteness ripped, being pigeon of abuse.
Fragile little bud, her pain was beyond measure;
She watched the evils, perfectly camouflaged as treasure.
Wrecked deep within, she had no one to hold;
Casing was relished by all,and snubbed the tears rolled!

Failing to endure sorrow, she disclosed this to her mother;
Judged her acts to be childish, never did she bother.
She bawled, “Can’t you see, I need your help dad!”
Engrossed in other things, at her he got mad.
Her only companion, silent nights that pain enfold;
Witnessed her bury the agony, leaving the secret untold!

She’s in me, she’s in you, and she’s in everyone out there!
Would someone dare to notice; someone bother to care?
Family, friend or sibling, ‘he’ may take any form;
‘His’ gender, age inapt here, intends only to harm!
If only you had observed the pain behind the bark;
Paradise would be here, her world wouldn’t be dark.
Wishes she had someone who told her not to withhold;
The unsparing reality behind the secret untold…