The Peace Gong, Dec 2013 issue carries an article by Prarthana Varma of Class VIII from Mumbai, on child trafficking. Its starts with one of the victims spitting fire, “I have been held down like a piece of meat while monsters disguised as men violated me again & again” and that was enough for us to write this news post.

‘The Peace Gong’ is a children newspaper published by the Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Foundation, New Delhi in association with ‘The Koohooo!! Project’ of Niche Digital Media Private Limited.

The Koohooo!! Project is a Disruptive Innovation and a first-of-its-kind Initiative to bring out the Storyteller in kids and the aim of is to build bridges of friendship amongst children of the world for a global non-violent future. It also aims to facilitate dialogue amongst young people from diverse communities and regions through press & media interface.

As I intend to close this post, my eyes go back to the Peace Gong’s website and stare at the evocative poem by Syeda Rumana Mehdi, a child reporting from Pakistan for The Peace Gong, which questions innocently:

“I stand in a developed world in the 21st century,

Then why does the Earth look like one big mortuary?”

Do we have an answer?