The woman in me is rattled and too disturbed today when I found out through Twitter, Newspaper that a scatter brain ninny of a woman , ( I am truly ashamed of my womanhood today which I always celebrate every day of my life!) is trying to glorify “SATI PRATHA” which was abolished by Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The Bengal Sati Regulation which banned the Sati practice in all jurisdictions of British India was passed on December 4, 1829 by the then Governor-General Lord William Bentinck.

Quoting Wikipedia, “The British East India Company initially tolerated the practice, with William Carey noting 438 incidences within a 30-mile (48-km) radius of Calcutta, in 1803, despite its ban within Calcutta itself. Historian A.F. Salahuddin Ahmed states Company employees “not only seemed to accord an official sanction, but also increased its prestige value”, in Bengal, through only prohibiting involuntary immolations in 1813. Between 1815 and 1818, the number of sati in Bengal province doubled from 378 to 839. Under sustained campaigning against sati by Christian missionaries such as William Carey and Brahmin Hindu reformers such as Ram Mohan Roy, the provincial government banned sati in 1829. This was followed up by similar laws by the authorities in the princely states of India in the ensuing decades, with a general ban for the whole of India issued by Queen Victoria in 1861. In Nepal, sati was banned in 1920. The Indian Sati Prevention Act from 1988 further criminalized any type of aiding, abetting, and glorifying of sati.”

Now let me take another look to find out if our Hindu Scriptures like Vedas supported Sati or not? Well, just for your information Miss Rohatgi, we Hindus have four or 4 Vedas, let me just refresh your otherwise birdbrain which prompts you to make untoward comments.

The Four Vedas of Hinduism are- 1. Rig Veda, 2. Sam Veda, 3. Yajur Veda and 4. Atharva Veda.

Let us see if any of these VEDAS did support or propagate the idea of SATI.

Origin of Sati Pratha is being attributed to Vedas. This is a big misconception. In reality Sati Pratha is nowhere mentioned in Hindu scriptures. There is no advice of forceful widow burning in Vedas. This confusion was created in middle ages by ignorant commentators of Vedas for their own selfish reasons. In Bengal little girl children of merely 5 or 7 Years old were forced to marry an unwell octogenarian, who died in no time after marriage and those hapless young girls were forcefully dragged to the fire of the funeral pyre to be burnt alive. We call that A human gesture? A young woman, a little girl used to get smoldered and incenerated when that pyre was torched, their screams for help could not be heard due to loud beatings of drums, on purpose. Sometimes they were even intoxicated so that they couldnot protest while being dragged to the fire and here this twerp Payal Rohatgi is sitting in the comforts of her home and glorifying this savage, merciless and cruel custom which took lives of all those poor women who were alive and wanted to live.

Time to analyze the VEDAS now:
Atharva Veda 18.3.1 is mostly quoted as Vedic Mantra which supports Sati Pratha.
This mantra is interpreted as
Choosing her husband’s world, O man, this woman lays herself down beside thy lifeless body. Preserving faithfully the ancient custom. Bestow upon here both wealth and offspring. [Translation by Griffith]
In this Mantra the word ‘Choosing her husband’s world’ is often interpreted as Wife is advised to join the Dead Husband in afterlife in next world. So she must burn herself in funeral pyre of her husband.
And now the Correct interpretation of this Mantra is
This Woman has chosen her Husband’s world earlier. Today she is sitting besides your dead body. Now bestow upon her both wealth and offspring for rest of her life to continue her afterlife in this world.
Thus, this mantra speaks about continuation of worldly affairs by Women in this world after her husband’s death.
In the very next Mantra of Atharva Veda 18.3.2 the same advice is attested by the authority of the Vedas. It says.
Rise, come unto the world of life, O woman: come, he is lifeless
by whose side thou liest.
Wife hood with this thy husband was thy portion who took thy
hand and wooed thee as a lover. [Translation by Griffith]
This Mantra clearly speaks to Women to rise besides the dead body of her husband and start worldly affairs in this living world.
Even Vedas speak of Widow Remarriage for a Widow.
Evidence from Rig Veda 10:18:8
The Rig Veda contains a famous passage mentioning Sati and preventing it. To a widow who is with her husband on his funeral pyre, the text says: rise up, abandon this dead man and re-join the living.

This mis-interpretation of Vedic Mantras was done in the middle ages by ignorant class of Priests. The fraud related to interpretation of Rig Veda 10.18.7 was exposed by none other than Maxmuller.

In this mantra widow women as was advised to go ahead (Agre) in her life rather than go in funeral pyre (Agne means fire) after her husband’s death. The word Agre was mis-interpreted as Agni. Maxmuller condemned this fraud widely. He quotes, “This is perhaps the most flagrant instance of what can be done by an unscrupulous priesthood. Here have thousands of lives been sacrificed, and a practical rebellion threatened on the authority of a passage which was mangled, mistranslated and misapplied.”

In Mahabharata Madri burned herself to death not due to custom of Sati Pratha but due to regret. It was her own choice; nobody dragged her to the funeral pyre of her dead husband. She felt that it was she herself who was responsible for the death of her husband Pandu. There is no evidence of Women performing Sati Pratha in Mahabharata post war whose husbands were killed in the Great War.
Thus it is proved that Vedas never support Sati Pratha. Its mere a palpable falsification of a Vedic Hymn which forcibly killed thousands of innocent widows. This ill practice prevailed in Middle Ages only.

Vedas advise a widow to return from her Husband’s corpse and live a happy life in her remarriage. Miss Rohatgi I think I have given you enough material from where you can revise your nonexistent lesson on Hinduism, because you want a HINDU nation and on SATI Pratha which you are trying to glorify.

Let us straight come to few important issues now Miss Rohatgi, A. India is a SECULAR country, so NO it will not be an ALL HINDU NATION, we won’t let it happen, because you know we all hate Ajmal Kasab but we love Abdul Kalam, that’s US, UNITY IN DIVERSITY. We love all those quaint churches in Goa and Pondicherry and back home at Kolkata St.Paul’s Cathedral is as holy to me as Belur Math or Dakshineshwar Temple. I celebrate Durga Puja and I wear new clothes on Eid and gorge on delicious food at the Iftaar Parties we are invited to, as well. As I deck up for Poila Baisakh (First Day of Bengali New Year), I also participate in Baisakhi and Lohri in my residential complex with my Punjabi friends. As I fast during Shiva Raatri, I also fast during Karwa Chauth, because Miss Rohatgi that is the beauty of our country, we take part in every religious festivals, my little daughter is more matured than you who knows Christmas has to be celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and Jesus is no different than her Lord Krishna , whom she loves.

B. Miss Rohatgi Bengal is a very sentimental state about its culture, its people, its tradition and above all the REFORMERS who took birth in Bengal and left their footprint back in achieving some goal by eradicating any social evil practices, Raja Ram Mohan Roy being a pioneer of them. AND HOW DARE YOU CALL RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY A LACKEY OF THE BRITISH GOEVERNMENT TO ABOLISH THE INHUMAN SATI PRATHA??? BENGAL can be UNKIND too Miss Rohatgi, beware, you have just poked a hornet’s nest with your inhospitable comment on our tradition, which certainly was not burning down live women, you dim witted woman, I think PADMAVAAT affected you beyond imaginations that you mixed up JAUHAR AND SATI. Get your information correct lady and then open your dumb mouth uttering gibberish infelicitous comments. You are and always were a lime light hogget, we all know, but do not try your shoddy tricks by maligning someone as great as Raja Ram Mohan Roy, do not, I repeat DO NOT FORGET , YOU ARE NOT ONLY DEFAMING HIM BUT YOU ARE DEFAMING WHOLE BENGAL AND IN TURN THE NATION. As you have freedom of expression as you have claimed after lynching Raja Ram Mohan Roy as A TRAITOR, we too have that particular right, don’t let us exert our rights against you, lady, otherwise a tsunami might come and then you don’t even know where public sentiments might land you, in which gutter or drain.

A request from this Indian WOMAN, a big admirer of the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Sir, please take steps against these kinds of unholy comments which hurt our sentiments, tries to divide the country on account of religious rifts , even if she is BHAKT OR NO BHAKT. Sir, being a disciple of Swami Vivekananda, you will best understand the plight of those forlorn doomed widows who were burnt alive because Swamiji was himself against it, you being his follower, please do not tolerate this non sense.

An appeal from an Indian, Bengali Woman, whose ancestors were freedom fighters and also have a history of a ten year old girl made Sati in the late 17th Century.

om an Indian, Bengali Woman, whose ancestors were freedom fighters and also have a history of a ten year old girl made Sati in the late 17th Century.

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