Do you believe in Magic? If you believe dog is love then, well that’s magic in itself. Dogs have a way with their presence in our lives. They make everything beautiful . They make our reasons real. Even when they are teething or having zoomies. If guided correctly and guidance is followed . It a pleasure to have a young puppy in our lives. Commitment and Care. The thumb rules to happy parenting with pups.

On the other hand. The joy of giving an old and senior dog his last few golden years is also a magical experience . When we see the will to live and the will to fight to do so in their eyes it makes us stronger to be there for them. That’s a human feeling of compassion which we all are MEANT to have.

And yet again I emphasis on the EYE before the I. When we make a difference in what we see instead of making it different for just ourselves Taking the easier way out. By giving up and surrendering pets when they need us most. By letting them down by passing on their care to others.

Hopefully there are takers. Who take on responsibility of others upon themselves. These humans have a way of making the senior years of the pet really golden. When pets get ill and are abandoned or surrendered, its then they need our love and care and acceptance. Being old is inevitable for all the living. But bringing in youth into that old age is another dimension of love.

Adopt a senior pet. Adopt a handicapped forlorn one. Adopt a pet that’s ill. And feel the joy of giving when you actually will receive the joy of giving.

Author: Niharika Kishan Gandhi is a trained Pet therapist and dog behaviourist, coached by the very reputed Cesar Millan, U.S.A. She is passionate about pets and feeds 100 stray dogs every day from the back of her car. The writer can be contacted at [email protected]

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