The company announced that Google News is going bilingual. It is a new feature which will allow users to update their Google News settings to support 2 languages instead of 1.It is an effort to serve better to more than 60% of people worldwide who speak and read news across two or more languages.

Now you won’t have to uniformly switch between 2 languages to keep up with news. Not only it is significant for those who want to keep abreast with the news back home but also for the places where people to speak multiple languages.

For example Google cites the capability to read both English and Hindi news synchronously.

The update won’t impact your other personal setting infact it will show more stories that match the topic of your interests you care about.

That AI-powered version of the Google News app was released last spring. Recently Google refurbished the Google News tab on the desktop to regulate articles in a card-style layout, which will improve readability and highlight the publisher sources.

New bilingual feature is intended at mobile app user base.

“The feature is available across 141 countries with 41 languages for both iOS and Android on the Google News app” Google says.

The company notes that reading news in different languages can help people extend their perspective on several issues.Google said that, there are still many things to do to help people connect on different issues, but they hope that recent update will make it effortless to connect with different cultures and perspectives on your fingertips.