When writers and directors tune in for commercial gains, discounting on the essence of the plot!

Its been a very productive fortnight! Which is precisely why I’ve rewarded myself with some indulgent down-time. I’ve been in the company of books, dubbed some colour onto my art sheets and have binged watched some interesting Chick-flicks. Chick flicks, are an emergent trend on OTT platforms. From the ‘Four More Shots’, to the ‘Bombay Begums’ and maybe even ‘Masaba Masaba’, we’re fast catching up with the international counterparts of the type of ‘Sex and The City’ and the ‘Bold Type’! Lets say, that, ‘Veere De Wedding’ was a Bollywood trendsetter that’s successfully managed to barge through stereotypes.

The film was critically acclaimed for being ‘too out of the box’ and proving to cast a ‘negative influence’ on the Indian women. The strange accusations that society hurls in the name of culture and tradition, has helped the film amass some awe-inspiring profits in the Indian box office (not to forget that the film was cherished by most men from under the blanket.).

Feminist films come alive with a vast array of moods. These vary from fun-loving friendships, to misunderstandings, to those that are riddled with sexism and jealousy. But the question remains, ‘Does the ‘real struggle’ in the plot get camouflaged while making its way to the box office?’

As a reviewer I can state, Indian chic flicks have evolved, but somehow the modern day woman’s real problems gets ambushed behind the flashy designer labels and the glossy appeal as demanded by the audience. The struggles of a woman are belittled because its imperative to glorify the fierce success of the Goddess who’s also expected to conform to the patriarchal ways. But to successfully break the norm, and show people to reality seems like a bit of an oddball to most writers.

Has it ever occurred to you that a woman who could’ve dreamed of acing in the corporate world, could fail miserable and tail spin downwards? In most cases these women may not have a Plan B to fall back on, or even have a safety net for that matter! In such cases does life come to grinding halt for them?

 Well, life happens and then strength propels one to discover unchartered waters before they naturally follow their course to success. In the process, she meets with a dulling array of negative emotions including risks, jealousy and rivalry, lack of support from their loved ones; even their own tribe ebbs them to a point of no return! Then how do they bounce back?

Instead of glorifying the success, why shouldn’t writers and directors glorify the struggle. A little bit of reality won’t harm generation that is so consumed by content that wrapped in a glitzy gift wrapping paper. Perhaps the reality will help them to be a little more prepared of the odds that life’s going to hurl at her while on her path to success. While I strongly reckon this formulation to be applied to any feminist content, the same could be used for normal films too!

Take a look at it from an ariel perspective, you’re not only delivering people to the truth but are also impeding the growing number of suicides, and propelling people to pause and re-think what life has to offer to them, instead of aimlessly chasing what not going to serve the purpose. After all films and plays are the driving force that foster change in society!