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785: Flight LT Mohana Singh Becomes First Woman Fighter Pilot To Fly Hawk Jet

Flight Lieutenant Mohana Singh
Indian Air Force's Flight Lieutenant Mohana Singh has become the first woman fighter jet pilot to fly by day a Hawk, an advanced jet aircraft. Singh achieved the feat at the  Kalaikunda Air Force Station in West Bengal. Singh along with other women...

780: Lone Warrior: Komal Peswani

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female I waited quietly in a Café Coffee Day branch. She was on the way and I had secretly started envisioning her story, although I knew very little of it. Little was I aware...

766: The Knucklehead Clod Wannabe Actress Glorifies “Sati”

The woman in me is rattled and too disturbed today when I found out through Twitter, Newspaper that a scatter brain ninny of a woman , ( I am truly ashamed of my womanhood today which I always celebrate every...

698: The Puppeteer Lady Lila Mahipat Kavi (Lila Baa)

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female The gate had Dada’s name on it. I looked at it curiously, trying to decipher the story of the bearer of this name, and the journey of their life. Little did i know...

664: Divorce A Social Taboo????

They say Marriages are made in Heaven - I say no. They are very much made in the mother Earth and have to be constantly worked upon to make it go smoothly. I believe nobody in this world want to...

620: The Fighter: Rashmi Suri

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female If ever you have imagined a lady fighting like a warrior- then, I warmly welcome you to read the life story of Rashmi Suri. And, yes she definitely fought bravely.

581: Kolkata – A Safe Haven Or Jungle For Women

Is it a parable that Kolkata still offers safety to its women? That is the burning question which is plaguing most of the women, working or housewives of the city. Two weeks back on a particular thursday the morning newspapers...

570: The Lady Of Steel: Nanda Shetty

Poetry Of A Common Indian Female Welcome to the life of Nanda Shetty. As you read on, you will see how this lady has fought fiercely throughout the years, all the while keeping her beautiful smile intact....

561: To Wear (Short Dress) Or Not To Wear: That Is The Question

The capital is in news again, making headlines over all wrong reasons and this time it is not only morally wrong, but insensitive and inhuman. Now what can be more sensational apart from the media circus over upcoming elections? SLUT-SHAMING! Yes a middle aged...
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