Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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856: Upgrading Academic Excellence Of Tribal Students

An Initiative By Nitya Sarthi Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives honing tribal talent defines the work of Nitya Sarthi Foundation led by Jayesh Kirange, director of a finance company and a professor in finance subjects.

664: Divorce A Social Taboo????

They say Marriages are made in Heaven - I say no. They are very much made in the mother Earth and have to be constantly worked upon to make it go smoothly. I believe nobody in this world want to...

581: Kolkata – A Safe Haven Or Jungle For Women

Is it a parable that Kolkata still offers safety to its women? That is the burning question which is plaguing most of the women, working or housewives of the city. Two weeks back on a particular thursday the morning newspapers...

580: Kolkata – A Safe Haven Or Jungle For Women (Concluding Part)

Park Street, the name synonymous to the elite echelon of the social strata of Kolkata nowadays invokes a sense of fear and usually ladies are on high alert whenever they walk past the Indian Museum. Those areas are still not safe for...
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