Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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697: Is Co-Parenting Easy With Your Ex-Spouse: Part 2

I am back as promised. Just for all your information, I am a huge huge Julia Roberts fan, hence have watched “Step-Mom” some 18 times or more. Now why suddenly Julia Roberts and referring to “Step Mom”...

676: Is Co-Parenting Easy With Your Ex-Spouse

Hey guys if you all remember last time I shared my views on Divorce, which still is a social stigma or a taboo in our society. But divorces do happen and more than often children are involved. One of the parents,...

581: Kolkata – A Safe Haven Or Jungle For Women

Is it a parable that Kolkata still offers safety to its women? That is the burning question which is plaguing most of the women, working or housewives of the city. Two weeks back on a particular thursday the morning newspapers...

580: Kolkata – A Safe Haven Or Jungle For Women (Concluding Part)

Park Street, the name synonymous to the elite echelon of the social strata of Kolkata nowadays invokes a sense of fear and usually ladies are on high alert whenever they walk past the Indian Museum. Those areas are still not safe for...
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