Vashi: Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Mr. Abhijit Banger the sudden visit to the A.P.M.C Market and given the Instruction to these risk area for COVID-19 effected and also said to strictly follow COVID-19 safety rules if you do not want to face lockdown again.

The number of coronavirus affected people seems to have increased in Navi Mumbai city since last few days and urgent steps are being taken on behalf of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to implement effective COVID-19 preventive measures. According to this, on 2nd march, Municipal Commissioner Shri. Abhijeet Bangar said, this is a most risk area for COVID-19 outbreak, A. P. M. C. market, a sudden visit without any prior notice and observed the situation on how COVID-19 preventive safety rules are followed in present situation

In A. P. M. C. markets region like vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, onions in the market area are open in all three shifts from morning to late night, whereas from other cities, there are 50 to 60 thousand traders, farmers, auditors, consumers come-to-go daily. That’s why there is a huge risk of increasing corona outbreak here.

According to this, Mr. Banger has suddenly visited the vegetable and fruit market. At this time he observe that most of the citizens have masks, but it was pointed out that many have put them on Hanuvati without wearing them on their nose and mouth. Similarly, it appeared that safe distance rules are not being followed to the necessary extent. Similarly, plastic bags were also found to be used on a large scale on A. P. M. C. market, The Commissioner expressed strong dislike over the action of the administration on this matter.

The A. P. M. C. Commissioner Mr. Yabbat directed that this matter should not be ignored by immediately discussing with the administration and the board of directors and immediate action should be taken to prevent this. Municipal Commissioner Shri Abhijit Banger reminding the need to strictly follow COVID-19 safety rules if you don’t want to face lockdown again, considering the increasing risk of Covid- 19, Mr. Bangar directed to be more vigilant administration on A. P. M. C. market, Although punitive action by special vigilance squads of the municipal corporation is being taken very low in the market, the commissioner indicated that the number of attendees there is less in respect to the number of people who violate the rules, the jointly strike actions such as police and municipal Corporation should be taken regularly.

Violation of Covid-19 safety rules is threatening the health of oneself and others is being spread to citizens through various media. However, there is no option but to take strict action against the citizens who are violating COVID safety rules in A. P. M. C. area. Mr. Abhijit Banger expresses the belief that the administration will be more alert and take this matter seriously and the picture here will change in the coming two to three days.