The year 2020 hasn’t exactly witnessed an upstart. The pandemic has pretty much dampened the spirit. However, even though the pandemic is on the brink of witnessing the second wave, we’re in the hope that it’ll soon be wiped off clean off the surface of the earth. Inspite of witnessing the down time, nobody shies from spreading the Christmas cheer to elevate our spirits yet again! Just incase you’re pondering about giving ideas, this is what we at News with chai have streamlined a few intelligent giving items to give away to your loved ones.


Is your house looking too bare in the absence of all the festive cheer? With some easy, affordable, and super simple updates to your space, you can elevate your home aesthetic and ring in the new year in style. Vedas Home has very recently unveiled its 2020 winter collection completed in gold and silver finishes. The collection comprises of an eclectic range of niche wall décor, mirror, vintage décor, figurines, table décor, showpieces, office décor, vases wall jail and wall shelves, and many other artefacts. The products display a perfect blend of ancient and modern design practices.

Lit Christmas

Quirk up your Christmas with candles that invigorate the fragrant scents of Christmas. The atmosphere instantly feels warmer and cozier as your home fast grapples onto the festive spirit. Aroma India comes up with a delectable array od of candles complete with classic fragrances like cinnamon apple, cinnamon bun, fresh baked cookies and many more. These luxury candles make stunning centrepieces and can also be placed in any room to set a mood. It casts its ambient glow making corners in your home cosier.

Yummy in the tummy

Food is a way to people’s heart, so this Christmas gift your loved ones a bucket full of delicious bakery items. The baking industry has revitalised itself with modern techniques and wide range of products. Christmas is a time of celebration and great food, so gifts like garlic bread toast, baked corn nuts, bruschetta, crisps, macaroons etc, are unique and wonderful gifting options. These mouth watering snacks comes in a beautiful arrangements likes hampers, which is always a classic and elegant way to gift your loved ones and never go out of fashion. Silver Oaks Foods never run out on ideas for Christmas Hampers.

Penciling it

If you’ve found yourself arting away during the course of the lockdown, then eco-pencils make for the best give-away. The pencils make for a perfect gifting option for all ages and have multiple uses. Keeping in mind sustainability and conserving the environment, Faber Castell has launched Recycled Paper Pencils. In a pack of 8 pencils, 2 of them come with water soluble seeds which can be planted and all the pencils have rainbow shavings that are revealed at sharpening. Highlighting the ‘3Rs’ to save the environment, ‘Recycled’ paper is used to make the pencils which ‘Reduces’ the cutting of trees for wood pencils and these pencils are ‘Reused’ to grow plants further. Give yourself a break from this pandemic and go green. 

Christmas is not only about spending the cheer, but according ourselves to the ever-changing environment, and making a series effort at preserving the same.