Our society thrives on the ability to be outgoing and active. Introverts, however can provide perspectives that others may not see, many argue about how extroverts are outgoing, energetic and are valued in society as a trait that breeds success, while those who are considered more introverted show off the more negative consequences of their traits, which include their solidity, secluded behavior.

Introverts Week was founded by Matthew Pollard, author of the Introvert’s Edge and the Introvert’s Edge podcast. Matthew Pollard introduced Introverts Week to encourage introverts not to be ashamed of who they are and giving them the opportunity to teach them how they can be successful in business and life.

Introverts Week aims to change the stereotypes that people believe when it comes to introverts and help those see the benefits introversion has to offer and teach people who don’t understand introversion that it is valid as extroversion and successful in any aspect of life. Main aim of this week is to change perspectives stating how ambition is not excluded to extroverts, and how introverts don’t have to adhere to a standard to be successful. 

Introversion and extroversion are aspects of personality coined by Carl Jung in the early 20th century, who simply termed Introverts as those who get exhausted by social interaction and need solitude to recharge and Extroverts as those who get anxious when left alone and get energy from social interaction

People assume that introversion is often equated with negative behaviors like shyness, anxiety, or narcissism and extroverts are often called shallow, bad listeners, and overly energetic, which is wrongly assumed. People also judge others personality based on the way they talk- aggressive or passive. Aggressive speaker are those who listen less and speak more, Passive speaker are those who listen carefully and  then answer. None of these traits have anything to do with introversion and extroversion. With few points we judge people as introvert or extrovert, mostly by their communication skills or psychological behavior which is wrong difference between introverts and extroverts is actually biological, and it comes down to how they unwind after social situations.

Dr Shubhangi Dere, Psychiatrist by professional informed that introvert basically means deriving energy by being into self in contrast to ‘Extravert’(now called Extrovert)who gets energy through outside environment. She added that, some of the introvert personality are: These people prefer working alone or spending time with self rather than others, they get drained by social interaction (versus anxious personality who wants to be social but gets tense to do that),they have small friend circle and happy with it, they usually spend time in introspection of self, they are perceived by others as ‘loners’ or ‘reserved’ on most of the occasions in contrast to many extroverts who want to be isolated sometime. They also indulge into ‘non verbal’ task more than the ones which involves talking or discussion she concludes.

Who said only Extroverts can be successful here are some of the successful introverts our world have are:
1. Bill Gates.
2. Albert Einstein.
3. Abraham Lincoln.
4. Rosa Parks
5. Warren Buffet.
6. Michael Jordan.
7. Meryl Streep.
8. Eleanor Roosevelt.
9. Sir Isaac Newton.
10. Mark Zuckerberg

So what are you waiting for introverts, let’s celebrate this week by putting some music on and sitting at peace.