Solar eclipse is one of the biggest celestial event of 2019. Several parts of Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi are witnessing the eclipse. The annular eclipse began on 26th December around 8:00 in the morning and is likely continue till 1:30pm.

Solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and Sun, thereby cloaking the view of the sun for observer on earth. During the eclipse the moon cannot cover the whole sun therefore the sun appears as a ring of fire – a disc with illuminated edges. Surya Grahan was initially visible in South India. Sky gazers, astronomers, sun watchers are recording the whole eclipse from the start till the end with telescope

In India there are many superstitions regarding eclipse which is prevalent till date. According to the older generations one must not go out or eat during the eclipse especially pregnant women. They believe harmful microorganisms are transmitted during this period and pregnant women should not carry knifes or sharp objects because it could leave birthmark on the child. None of these fears are scientifically proven.  From the few studies in the past eclipses only animals behave differently during the eclipse.

People are advised to not directly look at the eclipse, as the UV radiations could cause serious retinal damage which would affect our eye sight in the next 5 to 10 years. There various options through which, one can enjoy this celestial event without harming their eyes:-

  • Solar view glasses
  • Make a pinhole projector
  • Mirror reflection on wall

Avoid using sunglasses, X-ray sheets, Polaroid filters, and smoked glasses for viewing the eclipse as it may cause further damage to the retina.