“Last summer we were in Italy, we even went to Lake Como, you know.” An over enthusiastic voice informed me, “Great” I replied, non committal. “Lake Como, the wedding destination of DEEPIKA AND RANVEER” my dear friend tried to impart some knowledge on the destination of the most happening wedding of 2018 to her ignorant friend. “Superb” I again poured a bucket of ice cold water on her fiery eagerness to let me know about the nitty gritty details of her Italy tour. I was not just interested. Now don’t get me wrong, my disinterest did not branch out from jealousy or inferiority complex, I was just not into it because by then I have seen at least six hundred photographs of her Italy trip and frankly I was bored. I had to no choice left other than being grossly disinterested to curb down her over enthusiasm; I needed a break from her endless stories of Italy (But sadly not a word about Rome or the famous Colloseum or the Trevi Fountain or The Pantheon or The Roman Forum and not even The Sistine Chapel or The St. Peter’s Basilica, only DEEP-VEER wedding!!!!!) Luckily her radar did not catch the Kohli-Anushka wedding, much to my relief.

Now this is the current scenario which saps out much of our penchant and predilection of doing anything constructive in the world. I am blissfully ignorant about how to operate Tweeter or Instagram and I thank God every morning for bestowing me with the good senses of indifference towards these two bonus pressure. Yes, it’s so much of a pressure as if the solemn authority has been bestowed upon each one of us to bring a major change in the World, as if without our leadership the globe will collapse. No Darling, it is not so! We are all just mere mortals, let us change our selves a little towards being progressive and that will in turn change the world.  We are always expressing opinions on World issues, taking the social media by storm, offering opinions on issues we hardly are aware of just to show we are there – alive and active, trying to change the system, challenging the system, raising our voices on every social discrimination that comes to our knowledge.  But does that help? But does anything REALLY change? NO. Our opinions do not or cannot create miracles and nobody has burdened our shoulders for summoning in World Peace- let the political leaders do their jobs guys, they are assigned and elected for it.

Post election result 2019, yours truly too have suddenly become over active in social media, castigating a particular woman politician but has my wrathful punitive posts or opinions reached her ears? Has she changed and became reformed? NO. So now I am feeling stupid, absolutely stupid. Yes I do understand politics to a certain level, I do admire certain leaders including our Prime Minister and I shun some of other political leaders because I am not in the same page with their ideologies or activities but that is my PERSONAL TAKE- IT WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING NO MATTER HOW LOUS I VIRTUALY SCREAM IN THE PAGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Yes, of course when some idiot glorifies Sati or defames a famous personality my freedom of speech and expression do give me the rights to protest and I will do that. But that is a way of protesting and not sitting glued to your phone screen or laptop screen to start typing whenever someone says something and you have to reply back to it immediately!!! It seems like separation anxiety to me.

Let us address the elephant in the room, we are a star struck nation. We are so star struck that we do not even leave a two year old kid to lead his life peacefully and normally like other kids of his age. Agreed he is super cute, and is born to a famous family to even more famous parents, but was that his choice? He is undeniably gorgeous, point accepted but he is a baby at the end of the day. He does not know that the social media is peppered with his pictures and we literally gorge on that dose of entertainment at the cost of his innocence. His parents can’t stop him from going out, neither can they stop us, what would they do? As a parent I understand how paranoid that star couple is to raise the most photographed kid of the nation. It is difficult.

Now no one understands the technicalities of CRICKET like we do! Virat Kohli does not score a century and the Nation goes on a rampage. Why? None of us are cricketers but we sit at our home or offices with a high end phone glued to our hands and judge the man’s talent and why he chose to play THAT particular ball and was shown the way to the dressing room. WE ARE SO INTELLECTUAL, WE UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, EVEN STALWART CRICKETERS LIKE KOHLI DID NOT JUDGE THE BOWLING, BUT WE DID…WITH APLOMB!!!!  For God’s sake he is the CAPTAIN of the national team, he has some amount of talent in him and that’s why he is revered worldwide, can we spare him please? And then blame the poor actress wife; SHE is responsible for her husband’s foolhardiness when she was not even present in the stadium. She is a working woman who works for a living and not a trophy wife waving at hubby dear from the VIP box and showing all signs of tension by flexing facial muscles whenever the camera pans on her, so give her a break. Bt NO, we have to let the world know we all are Cricket buffs, enthusiasts and have mastered all the technicalities of the game.

I remember many years ago when Rahul Dravid was shown the way to the dressing room after scoring some few runs and his wicket was vital for team India, the press swooned down him like blood thirsty vultures, Rahul being the diplomatic cool headed person asked only one question to the press, “I fail to understand how come you all judge what kind of bowling it was, was it a short pitch ball or a spin, or a bouncer or a googly sitting miles away from the 22 yards where we actually play? I mean how?” There was a stone cold silence in the media, but anyway that was years ago, and social medial was definitely not in vogue at that era.  

We are crazy about our movies too and what better platform than social media to either create hype or dissect a movie with our God gifted talent of cine understanding!!! A movie flops or is a big hit- the Nation gets super crazy, a kind of mania hits us in dissecting the director’s vision, quality of the script, screenplay, editing, music, lyrics, acting abilities of the cast and it comes from people who has never clicked a decent picture or made a video from his own cell phone. But we have to be opinionated. We are living in DEMOCRACY; we need to prove it every second. Acclaimed actress Vidya Balan once said in an interview to Anupama Chopra another extremely talented film critic whom I admire a lot that people only see those few hours but the labor and hard work, the blood and sweat which goes behind making a movie is hard to believe for people who only get to see the end result in the 70 mm screen and either make it or break it. But it does break hearts of all those people who are behind the scene or the face of the movie. So can we be less mercenary and show some sensitivity even when we don’t like a movie? We don’t need to prove we know everything in the movie business starting from the scripting stage ending to post production and eventual release.   

And then we love to LOOK HAPPY – I MEAN LOOK HAPPY ALWAYS. Take out your phone, pout and LOOK HAPPY, even when you want to murder the person you are clicking that selfies with. Is it possible for any single soul to be this happy every single day as if people with problems are extra terrestrial beings? Put up a happy go lucky picture with your significant other every time you are out for dinner, or have gone to watch a movie, or any social outings. Trust me the world does not need to know your whereabouts every time you step out of your home. There CAN be a bad day, when you do not feel great and it is okay to be. Why is there so much pressure to put up that picture faking a smile when you are down the dumps? PDA in social media is in, so just go for it blindly, hug your spouse, and jump on him or her, strangulating the other person in the process, but posting a HAPPY COUPLE PICTURE AFTER EVERY WEEKEND OUTING IS MUST. Why? Do those pictures are considered as Gospel truth of the intimacy or the understanding or the love you have in your relationship? Too much show off of love and coo chi cooing actually prove the story is different so from now on be little careful. If you have a bad day, get rid of clicking selfies and posting them to show the world that there is no trouble in the paradise, rather concentrate on the problem. It would help in the long run, 188 likes and 104 comments will not.

It is not mandatory to let your friends know each time you are at the airport, going somewhere. No one cares about your airport look unless you are the undisputed Begum of Bollywood – even SHE refuses to be in social media, nevertheless she gets clicked owing to her stardom or should I rephrase, owing to her little munchkin’s stardom, which I am sure is a pain for her too because she is a mother and she has to be careful of her child’s safety.

Your holiday pictures must be of great value to you, but believe me twenty five pictures of you smiling with the same background with just changes of dead pan expressions honestly bore your friends. Do not be happy with a customary LIKE, it is obligatory most of the times.

Our social life is no more private. My private outing with my family does not belong to me only; it belongs to the million others. And yes we are responsible for it. We do not have the skill to use anything in moderation, we always over do. I have even come across people clicking selfies in hospitals!!!! Yes and that is so alarming. 

Can’t we just tone down our passion for being so social? Man is a Social Animal, so I have heard, but being this social is harmful for mental health.

Imagine even after a bitter fight, a couple has to click pictures all engrossed in each other, looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, giving those lovey-dovey expressions when all they want is to slit each other’s throat or scream at each other in the least. But NO, you are out on a dinner date or attending a wedding, it is imperative that one such picture should hit your social media page with catchy captions or taglines. I mean why? Why is it so important? Why do we need to suppress our natural emotions? We are all human beings, we can get upset, feel sad, want to sulk, just don’t want to get out of the bed some mornings, don’t want to dress up, just feel comfortable in that tattered pajamas and worn out tees, want to be left alone, want to enjoy retro songs, don’t feel like talking to anyone over the phone, so be it. There is absolutely no pressure to look or feel your best every single waking hour of your life, please show mercy on yourselves, retain some sanity and privacy – we all are entitled to that. The social media was invented for us to remain connected, now we do not connect with people from heart to heart, thanks to this great invention. We do not ACTUALLY talk, we do not ACTUALLY communicate in verbal dichotomy, we scribble comments and that’s it.It is sad and while I am concluding this pent up feelings of mine, my phone vibrated and I got to see a picture of a dress, my friend plans to wear on 31ST Night which is months away from now!!!!!! What an allegory of life, tired I am.

An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
Educational Qualufication -MBA (HR) and M.COM (Banking and Insurance). You can ask any question to the author on this mail: shoumibhattacharya@yahoo.co.in

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