In the world of Whatsapp… what happened to the good old what’s up? Smart phones are reforming the habits across all age groups. At the recently held REAL CONVERSATIONS IN DIGITAL AGE conclave in Delhi on 14th June organised by WIYLD a list of eminent speakers  like Mrs.Shweta Shalini , Mr.Ritu Kant Ojha, Mr.Harbinder Narula, Mr.Mohit Gupta, Mr.Punit Modhgil, Dr.Anurag Batra, Dr.Roma Kumar, Mr.Punit Kumar, Mr.Subhranshu Neogi, Mr.Sushil Kumar, Mr.Ronald McLukie and Mr.Vivek Mishra spoke about the need to connect personally and not just digitally.

Talking about the significance of face to face interactions and their ability to build enduring relationships  Mr. Ritu Kant Ojha co-founder and CEO of WIYLD said “Social media forces us to put-up a fake face – a rather happy one – where everything around us is perfect. Pictures showing beautiful kids, exotic holidays, fancy dinners and good-looking friends. This forces you to run away from real conversations because you have not been training your mind to face the real life that is actually unfolding outside social-media”, said Ojha.