While spending most of his time in bhajan, pujas, kirtans etc, in the year 1571, one day Sant Tukaram Maharaj told all his disciples that, today I am going to Vaikunth. He also sent an invitation to his wife Jijai to proceed to Vaikunth. But due to the pulls of worldly affairs she refused.

There were fourteen disciples in all with him all of whom came to the banks of the river Indrayani. There he sang twenty five Abhangs on the pangs of separation from the beloved. At that time, miraculously, the body of Tukaram began shining with a divine glow. All the people had closed their eyes while singing the Bhajans, but when they opened their eyes, no one could see Tukaram Maharaj anywhere. They realized for sure then that Tukaram Maharaj had left for Vaikunth in the body itself. They were drowned in sorrow. Tukaram Maharaj had three sons, the one who died was Mahadev Baba, and a son born after Maharaj’s death was Narayanbaba. Kashi, Bhagirathi, and Ganga were his three daughters.

Tukaram Maharaj had fourteen main disciples. Of them Rameshwar Bhatt and the Kanishth brothers were foremost. After Tukaram Maharaj had left for his heavenly abode, all the disciples sat there itself for three days i.e. till the Panchami. On that day, Maharaj’s cymbals, patched quilt and some Abhangs came back. Hence, the Anniversary day of Tukaram Maharaj is commemorated on the fifth day and not on the second day.

Saraswati Raman, a Sahaja yogi, lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Gifted with a spiritual bent mind, an uncanny intuition, and an extreme sensitivity, Saraswati is able to bring her abilities to pen down a few remarkable books on the evolution of the human being through energizing of the subtle energy centers in the human being. Saraswati Raman took up Sahaja yoga fifteen years ago, and her life changed dramatically. She was cured of schizophrenia, her career got uplifted, and she completed her MBA in finance and an MD in alternative medicine.
Other books written by her are the following:  [1] The Mystery of Sound [2] Incarnations: Steps to Momentum in Human Evolution [3] Sahaja Yoga: An Experiential Treatise [4] Sahaja Yoga: The Secret to Self-unfoldment and Transformation – Contact author through [email protected].