Vashi: Vashi-based poet and litterateur Sahebrao Thange has informed that progressive thinkers, poets, writers, educationists, dramatists, directors and journalists have started a drive demanding to make teachers Indian Constitution – literate and to include the fundamentals of the constitution as a mandatory 50 marks subject in the academic curriculum of all faculties in the 12th standard.

Thange expressed that in order to make the nation truly stand on the pillars of democracy, we will have to prepare the ground by ingraining the fundamentals of democracy and for that we have to wage a struggle against the old system and above all, also sow new human values. He adds that the Indian Constitution has given us the Preamble, which is a nation building and liberating mantra and the real manifesto of the country.

Sahebrao Thange laments that this preamble has not reached the people, it has been dormant on the first page of some text books. He, therefore, calls for rejuvenating and preparing the mind of the coming generation for understanding and implementing the fundamental principles laid down by the Constitution to further strengthen Indian democracy.