Panvel: Over 600 poor and needy students upto VII class , from 11 Panvel Municipal Corporation schools along with 98 children from the Sansthan’s school received the Annual Educational Assistance, that included monetary assistance, from His Holiness Sadguru Sri Sai Narayan Baba under the auspices of Sri Narayan Baba Charitable Trust at the Panvel Sai Darbar on August 18, 2019.
The students gathered in the Shirdi Saibaba Temple Darbar, here, along with their teachers to receive school bags, note books, stationery items and monetary assistance from the revered Sadguru, a gesture of the Temple’s Social Responsibility (TSR).
Long before India became the first country in the world to make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandatory in April 2014, and Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet launched the Giving Pledge in 2010, Shri Sai Narayan Baba, founder head of the Shri Saibaba Temple Trust, Panvel, has been providing voluntary educational assistance to the needy students since 1973, as one of its several TSR initiatives.
The life-like photo of the ex- temple trust chairman Late Prem Navani was offered floral garland by Shri Sai Narayan Baba, who recalled the excellent services rendered to the Sansthan by him and the organizing of the Educational Aid program during his life time. This is now well managed by Ram Thadani assisted by Ramlal Choudhary. Both of them were offered befitting maryada (ritual felicitation), with a special floral garland by Rev. Guruji, for excellently coordinating with the schools for the list of the deserving students, procuring the educational assistance material, its packing and all other arrangements for excellently organizing the program every year after Premji’s mortal exit in the year 2006.
Rev. Guruji also offered His prayerful gratitude to the departed teachers and appreciated their services when they were alive viz. Late Garude guruji, Late Panchal guruji, Late Thakur guruji and Late Mankame guruji. The Sadguru recalled their efforts in arranging the list of students, frequent meetings of the teachers with the Sansthan management for organizing such grand charity for the students by the Sansthan since 1973, right from the days when the temple trust was located in Kurla, Mumbai and this charity was started by Him in a small scale when He used to personally visit each and every school along with some of the devotees to distribute this educational assistance to the needy students.
He mentioned that Sai Baba’s Darbar in Panvel has become a great source of assistance to the poor and needy people, right from its inception in the year 1964, carrying out various charities in the form of:
1) Monthly distribution of food grains to 140 Widows
2) Organizing the wedding of poor girls as per the Vedic rites on a grand scale. So far weddings of 70 girls have been organized and more are being planned, during the Samuhik Kanyadaan in the month of February on Rev. Guruji’s Janmotsav.
3) Free annual medical camps providing free Cataract surgeries and free Medical Check – up.
4) Free Medical Aid to patients through Sri Sai Narayan Baba Charitable Dispensary serving over 70 patients daily.
5) Free Education to over 100 students through Sri Sai Narayan Baba Pre-Primary School, which neither accepts any fees nor any donations. Complete education, including stationary, uniforms, educational material and annual picnic, is provided free by the School to these students.
6) Free distribution of meals and milk, of high yielding Jersey cows in the Sansthan’s air-conditioned ultra-modern Gaushala, to over 100 hutment children twice daily.
7) Other required assistance also offered as and when they are required by the poor and needy.
Teachers from the various schools, Shri Rathod, Shri Bhagat, Shri Patil and Shri Sujeet Mhatre expressed their gratitude to Rev. Guruji for such generous charity of educational assistance for the last 46 years.
Three lucky students were awarded, by draw of lots from the list of 600 students, monetary assistance by Rev. Guruji:
1) Rs. 2000/- cash to Kanhayya Santosh Thakare of Class 1st of Primary School No. 1, Panvel.
2) Rs. 1500/- cash to Ratna Navnath Jankar of Class 7th of Primary School No. 5, Motha Khanda, Jeevan Shikshan Vidya Mandir.
3) Rs. 1000/- cash to Dharati Babalu Ambiram of Class 4th of Primary School No. 7, Takka Marathi, Panvel.
Rev. Guruji also offered Maryada to over 63 Teachers appreciating their efforts in bringing the students from their respective schools and presented them, as in the earlier years, with special shoulder bag, diary, pen and a ruler. He also stated that the date for the annual free trip/ yatra of the teachers to Shirdi would be announced at the earliest, where complete expenses of the yatra are met by the Sansthan, including their stay, meals, conveyance through special buses etc.
Shri Govind R. Dabholkar (Hemadpant), author of Shri Sai Satcharita, the gospel of Sai devotees worldwide, states in verse 18 of chapter 28, that only when the prarabhdha karma (noble deeds) accumulated over many births is on the rise and the darkness of ignorance emanating from maya (illusionary existence) is dispelled that one is blessed with the sacred company of Saints. The feeling of oneness between the Sadguru and the assembled devotees, teachers and students was clearly evident on the occasion.
Special prasad-meal was distributed to all the students, teachers, parents and the devotees.