Mumbai: In The Maharashtra State The rates for COVID tests performed in private laboratories have been revised once again and now Rs 500 will be charged for RTPCR testing for corona diagnosis. In addition, the rate of rapid antigen antibody testing has also been reduced and the antigen test will be increased to Rs 150, Health Minister Rajesh Tope announced on 31st march. The health department has also announced a ruling in this regard.

Health Minister Rajesh Tope said, The incidence of coronavirus has been felt since last year. Against this backdrop, the state government has been fixing the rates of COVID-19 tests in private laboratories and has so far revised the rates of these tests at least five to six times from Rs 4,500 to Rs 500 at the new revised rate

Dr. Pradeep Vyas, Principal Secretary, Department of Health. said, Earlier, the state government had continuously revised the COVID-19 test rates in September, October and December to Rs 1,200, Rs 980 and Rs 700 respectively. As per the ruling issued on 31st march, revised rates of Rs 500, Rs 600 and Rs 800 have been fixed for covid tests. The patient will be charged Rs.500 / – for taking the sample from the collection center and reporting it. Rs.600 / – will be charged for sample testing and reporting from the laboratory at the hospital, Covid Care Center, Quarantine Center and Rs.800 / – for sampling and reporting from the patient’s residence. No private laboratory in the state can charge more than this selling.

In addition to the RTPCR test, rates have been fixed for rapid antigen and antibody tests. These rates will be charged for three stages, namely, if the patient comes to the laboratory himself, takes samples from the examination center or in combination, and goes to the patient’s home to take samples. Rates for antibodies (ELISA for SARS covid) tests are 250, 300 and 400. The rates for CLIA for SARS covid antibodies test are 350, 450, 550. Rates of 150, 200 and 300 are now fixed for patients coming to the laboratory for rapid antigen test.

The availability of materials and equipment required for these tests has increased as well as the availability of ICMR to various manufacturing companies at reasonable rates. The cost of transportation has also come down as the transport system is smoother. The decision was taken by the state government as the number of laboratories accredited by ICMR and NABL has increased in the Maharashtra state.