Kharghar -Taloja: Residents of 10 years old 19 buildings constructed by CIDCO in Kharghar – ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Vastu Vihar’ are traumatised by the notice of the Panvel City Municipal Corporation declaring their buildings dilapidated and unfit for occupation. Several citizens have invested their life-time earnings to purchase a home in these CIDCO projects.

PCMC has served notice to 150 buildings here and called upon the occupants to get a structural audit of their buildings done, as also to vacate the dilapidated structures to the utter dismay and helplessness of the residents, who are now running from pillar to post, to hold those responsible guilty and seek justice. Some residents allege that a CIDCO contractor has been looking after the maintenance of these buildings for the last 10 years. Further, some allege the lack of co-ordination between CIDCO and PCMC has led to the serving of these notices.

Meanwhile the deputy mayor, Jagdish Gaikwad, raised this issue through a calling attention motion at the general body meeting of PCMC on September 18 and demanded the setting up of a committee, with corporators too as members, to enquire into this.

334 buildings in the PCMC jurisdiction have been declared dilapidated. Sudhakar Deshmukh, the municipal commissioner told the house that the corporation cannot do the structural audit of buildings over 30 years old in the 29 villages in the PCMC jurisdiction and the onus was on the house owners to do the same.