Here we go with the recipe for vegetarian rice paper roll, easy to make and healthy to eat. Akila Rajan sends it for you, all the way from Australia…

All you need is few vegetables like the carrots, cucumber, lettuce, etc…all those salad vegetables..fresh and raw…cut into long strips, few soya chunks and edible rice paper sheets. Soak the soya chunks in water for few seconds and roll-in along with the long strips of freshly cut vegetables into the rehydrated rice paper sheets. (You can find soya chunks and the edible rice paper sheets in any good hypermarket near your home.) (Non-vegetarian fan club can substitute the Soy chunks with cooked chicken, prawns, fish etc according to their tastes and preferences !!!)

Hurray! Your vegetable rice paper roll is ready to eat. Serve it with a splash of tangy sweet and sour sauce. Children will love it and mothers can afford that winning smile 🙂

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