Gully boy  fever is still not over yet. After the release of Gully Boy, Rapper Community have got a great push. Before Gully Boy Nobody knew about the original Rap culture. Some of the local Rappers are recognized in Mumbai but few know about the rapper in Navi Mumbai.

One such rappers group is RAPMOONZ. RAPMOONZ is a Navi Mumbai based Marathi hip hop group. RAPMOONZ visited our studio and shared about their journey and problems they faced.

Telling about their journey Kiran (Ray marshall)explained, journey of rap began since 2007, During their college days,he and  his friend  Subodh would sit and rap but they were not having proper resource no mobile or internet, they would bang on the desk, make music and rap together, Since then they decided to do hip hop. When they uploaded their first video they got less response as rap culture in Navi Mumbai was a new concept. Subodh said that initially they used to do free style rapping but after much practice they started proper hip hop and started recording. After that it was no looking back.

Talking about their inspiration Kiran said inspiration is must, they were inspired by various rappers from Hollywood. Subodh added that, Divine changed the game of hip hop in India.

Talking about the support from their family, Kiran said Parents do not show that they support but they actually do support. During their college days, as most of the parents are concerned about their children’s future they were also concerned and told them to focus on studies. So they decided that they will study and in return asked their parents to support them.

Talking about their experience of working in Marathi movies, Kiran said that, it was like a blessing and good platform for them, they really enjoyed working as professionals. Subodh and Kiran rapped in movies such as Fight and Rampaat. Apart from their YouTube channel they are also working with famous YouTube channel Bharatiya Digital Party.

Giving strong message to those youth who want to step into rap culture, Kiran said, ”Passion is very important in rap culture and you have to be smart enough to grab whatever opportunity you get. Ye kam toh bahana hai,ghar walon ko samjana hai,kuch karke dikhana hai, he concluded.

The session with RAPMOONZ ended with an absorbing jamming session by them.