In the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, the Mumbaikars are still seeing overwhelming rain within the city. The rainstorm, which is for the most part there for 4 months, is proceeding within the city. For the last 65 years, it has not rained like this within the city. Reportedly, this year (2019) Mumbai downpours have broken past records of the past.

A pothole drive, which was begun by the BMC with a cash prize of Rs 500, has demonstrated to be a challenge for civic authorities, who presently ought to shell out the reward money. The choice to allow prizes in case pothole complaints are not tended to inside 24 hours had begun a controversy over where the funds will come from.

A civic official said that BMC presented the plot to upgrade efficiency of its officers. However, the challenge, where individuals have been inquired to either post a pothole photo or a selfie with the pothole on BMC’s Fixit app, will final for a week as it were (final date is Nov 7). The competition was propelled on November 1 through the civic body’s official Twitter handle @mybmc. It said:

Ravi Raja, the Opposition leader said that the choice to provide away cash prizes was challenged at the Standing Committee assembly. He added that how can BMC begin giving away cash without authorization from the Standing Committee which may be a statutory body to grant consent for all money-related issues?

On which BMC’s extra metropolitan commissioner Pravin Darade said that the reward will go out of the pockets of officers concerned and not from the BMC support. So the civic body didn’t require authorization of the Standing Committee. The commissioner fair needed to guarantee that the potholes ought to be repaired on time.

People from different places in Mumbai spotting potholes have taken pictures and tweeted:

As BMC enters the 5th day of its guarantee to go to each pothole complaint inside 24 hours, its engineers are having to pay Rs 42,500 for not being able to provide the same. Since the time the pothole challenge was propelled by Mumbai’s civic body, 879 complaints have been filed on their website.

Whereas most of them were settled inside the due date as guaranteed, 85 remained unattended. Presently, the engineers will get to pay Rs 500 per pothole not settled inside 24 hours, as per the challenge. Till presently more than 118 complaints were filed. But, the civic official engineers are battling to settle the same inside the stipulated time.

However, the money will be given to the individual offended parties as it was on the off chance that it does not abuse BMC’s rule for the competition. For instance, the potholes detailed must be at the slightest three inches profound or one-foot-long. Additionally, each individual can report only two potholes, and the first person detailing a specific pothole will receive Rs 500 if the BMC engineers fall flat to induce it settled inside 24 hours of the complaint. What do you think? Is this campaign helpful for Mumbai to reconstruct potholes? Please share your comments and stay updated with the latest urban news only on News with Chai