Elena Daniela Calin, Founder of positivewordsresearch.com started researching positive words in 2012. In January 2013 she created a blog called Positive Words Research and researched it for 5 years. Below is the report for the same:

Using Words of wisdom and affirmation simply means choosing the words with great care. Surprisingly few people understand that they can make their life simpler by their choice of words. Mostly people regard words as a way of making a noise without thinking that words they choose will have major effect on their life path. People judge someone by their word choices and word pattern because as the saying goes Words are thoughts made into action”.

It is rightly said, if your eyes are the window to your soul, then the words you choose are the road map to where you are going. Positive Words helps us to express yourself, give word its maximum impact, express your desire clearly, attract abundance, uplift your mood, attract positive vibes and empower your life direction. People Swear for name sake without thinking which leads in waste of resource, waste of power because each word you use has power. Each word carries the power of a positive or negative connotation which is putting our wants and desires out to the world.

Not only quality but the quantity of words we use is also important. The more words we use, the less is the power of each word. If we use lots of words without any reason then the power and impact of your words could be nil. Your words makes difference, both to your own reality and the reality of others. You need to keep in mind that If you say you will do something (promise or not), then you have to do it. There is no point of saying “I didn’t really mean it”. If you say it – you mean it!

When you have made a conscious decision to improve your life, you need a starting point. Changing your word pattern is the starting point. Change in attitude, point of view, belief, wants, desires are not going to stick unless you first change your word patterns to positive words. Your words are positive feedback loop which means that a conscious effort to change your word patterns to positive words is going to be reinforced by constantly hearing the positive words you use.

People who are positive and joyful use different word structures as compare to people who are negative and unhappy. People who start using optimistic and happy positive word structures are going to find themselves happier and more joyful.

It is important to make people aware about the type of words we use in all situations. Be careful while using three C’s – Criticize, Condemn, Or Complain!

Words are double edged sword, not only are we expressing messages to someone else, we also receive the messages ourselves. When you give out negatives to others, you give negatives to yourself! Because when you give negatives you get negatives, when you give positives you get positives. Negative forms of expression are the reverse of power words. You cannot make a positive out of a negative. Putting a negation in front of a sentence does not work, either for your own mind or the universe at large. Sometimes message received is exactly the opposite of what is being expressed. It is the message which our subconscious minds receives. Children in particular hear the message rather than what is being expressed.

In other words, the negations of don’t, not or no, are simply ignored by the Universe, ourselves and others. By continually using negative forms of expression, people are reversing the Law of Attraction. You are going to find people who should be avoided and that is a fact of becoming more aware. If the people you associate are not positive, encouraging, uplifting or helpful, it is time to review your list of acquaintances.

If somebody passes negativity, it is important to reject or nullify the negative power with words. Always counter a negative expression with a positive expression so that you walk away without their negativity.

Following is the comprehensive list of positive words by Elena Daniela Calin:

Achieving, Best, Capable, Delightful, Elegant, Flourishing, Generous, Healed, Innovative, Joyous, Keen, Luminous, Mighty, Nurturing, Optimistic, Passionate, Quick, Relaxing, Self-Reliant, Talented, Unique, Victorious, Wise, Youthful, Zeal.