Prime Minister Narendra Modi is made his first video message towards his fellow citizens during the 21-day lockdown announced on March 24.

Check out today’s highlights on what PM Modi said in his address to the nation:

  • PM Shri Narendra Modi thanked the fellow citizens for diligently following the principles and rules of Lockdown.

  • The lockdown against COVID-19 pandemic completes 9 days today. The way you all have come together in this time of emergency is highly commendable.

  • The way Indians have appeared how to remain inside has propelled the whole world. Janta Janardhan Ishwar ka Roop Hai.

  • Other countries are following India’s lockdown example.

  • No one is alone in this battle. All of us are together in this. 130 crore people together are battling against coronavirus.

  • We must all go through this darkness together. Those who are most affected by this are the poor people. Let’s all come together and help them to end this fight.

  • To overcome this darkness, we must all join together to spread the light and make this obscurity of Coronavirus meet the light we all spread.

  • On Sunday, on 5th April at 9 pm, turn off all the lights in your house and each person ought to light candles, diyas or switch on the torch of their mobile on their balconies. By doing so, we’ll stand joined together, we are going to show that no one is alone in this.

  • The foremost important thing we all have to do is to stay inside the confinement of our homes. Whereas doing this exercise, we ought to not assemble together or come out on the streets.

  • Please remember we should not break the chain of social distancing.

  • There’s no force in the world which is bigger than our enthusiasm and spirit. No one can defeat the spirit of our standing together.

  • Let’s come together and defeat COVID-19 and make India win!