10, April is celebrated as International Pink Day to unite nations across the world  and  raise awareness  related  to homophobia, trans phobia, trans misogyny, and all forms of bullying. The global day of pink was commenced in Nova Scotia when some  college students saw a homosexual scholar being bullied for sporting a pink shirt. The two college students intervened, however wanted to do greater to prevent homophobic and trans phobic bullying. They decided to buy pink shirts, and some days later got it for everyone in the school. People supported by wearing PINK, standing in harmony. This resulted in the whole college taking a stand and starting to operate together to prevent homophobic and trans phobic bullying.

Everybody can bully, everybody can be victimized by way of bullying, but together we are able to forestall it.


Have you ever witnessed bullying  because of discrimination? Have you been harmed yourself?

Discrimination comes in lots of bureaucracy, inclusive of the subsequent: racism, sexism, homophobia, trans phobia, ableism, ageism, colonialism, and anti-Semitism. These social sicknesses create barriers and lead to bullying, harassment, hate and violence. No person must have to revel in the negativity created with the aid of discrimination. The Day of pink is more than only a symbol of a shared belief in celebrating range – it’s also a commitment to being open minded, accepting variations and mastering to appreciate others and their differences. So what are you wearing?