What is beyond the horizon? A sea, a desert or just mountains? Do they speak our language or something we don’t know the ABC of? Visiting new places, meeting different individuals, trying different cuisine will make you feel like living in an alternate world. But with every new trip, we go on we explore and learn something new. In such a way, we escape our usual range of familiarity. Likewise, we make tracks for good thinking and sense of territory. These are few reasons which will develop an urge in you to travel. Be it your first outing or multiple visits to abroad planning about it is always exciting as well as hectic but not to worry Pimyaz does it all. Right from booking your tickets to providing you with a wide range of leather bags so that you do not have to waste time searching for other websites or wander or stand in a long queue to purchase it. Everything under one roof is what makes them different from others. Pimyaz is an emerging name in the tourism realm of Maharashtra. They are a travel management company that is owned and managed by Mr.Niyaz Magnake. Pimyaz’s deals and offers are rarest to find and services first-rate. They provide tour packages for Thailand and Dubai and also take care of your flight bookings, accommodation and visa.

Do you long for turquoise waters and clear white sand? Do you wish to extinguish your thirst in wondrous realm of Buddhist sanctuaries? Would you like to feel the adrenaline surge by encountering climbing and trekking experiences? All things considered, you don’t have to dream any longer. Pack your suitcase and get ready for some cool Instagram pictures and head to Thailand. Thailand is an ideal goal for all ages and gathering of tourists. It is one of the most visited destinations on the planet among vacationers and occasion creators. Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya are significant spots of fascination in Thailand. This South-east Asian nation is best known for its exotic seashores, antiquated design, fancy sanctuaries, imperial royal residences and substantially more.

Thinking about visiting Burj al Khalifa or Burj al Arab Dubai, riding on a camel in a desert

Or  riding in a luxurious car in between skyscrapers, Dubai makes us question this contradiction and will always get us to visit Dubai. Dubai Tour Safari is a sister consult company of Pimyaz which majorly focuses on tours in Dubai. They offer a breath-taking experience of sunbathing on the planet’s biggest man-made islands, swimming with dolphins and cheering on their top picks at the global games Dubai has. In spite of the cutting edge sheen of Dubai, you can learn about its 4,000-year-old history and have a window into Islamic and Middle Eastern culture –where people only read about it.

Both this company, Pimyaz and Dubai Tour Safari has been chosen by many for its best and affordable services. So why wait for vacation let’s just go on one. I am rushing to catch the flight…Are you?