Every morning instead of saying good morning to our folks the first thought that hit our mind is ”Where is my phone?” Today it has become a method of controlling people and leisure. It has became as necessary as breathing. We are living in a time where attention is a new currency. Sitting in the Eco chamber, singular yet, hoping to mend. Recall an item that we use a 100-200 times in a day that we carry with us in our wallet all  the time. If stored far away from us for even a couple of minutes, might result in anxiety. This description would possibly have conjured pictures of medication, tobacco, or sugar but today it’s very obvious that the object it refers to is mobile .

If you’re amongst majority who attain your cellphone when you are at work, at home, while commuting, in washroom, while eating and even when awake. Phones lessen our productivity, reduce our interest span, increase our worry of missing out and make us waste hours of our lives on content material that doesn’t assist us in any manner.

Dr.Vikas Deshmuskh, Psychiatrist and Sexologist says “Any distraction reduces work productivity, tell me what is the biggest distraction of mankind at present? Definetly phone. It’s only phone calls that break concentration, tempo, speed of our work, but also WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Instagram, and many more app pings.”

For most people, getting control over their smartphone and Internet use isn’t a case of quitting cold turkey. So what do we do now?

Dr Rahul Bhatambre, Neuropsyciatrist, ChildPsychiatrist, Sexologist, Deaddication say,” Nowadays few cases coming with Mobile, Internet and online Game ADDICTION It is nothing but like other addiction also porn addiction because it is easily available. Every addiction mechanism is related with brain, Nuclues accubance is center in brain related with addiction If pleasure gets, that will lead to increase of dopamine hormone in brain in nucleus accubance. Every addiction having withdrawal and dependence. For dependence and withdrawal in this, when you not using mobile lead to restless, irritable, sad feeling that is withdrawal like irritation, restless, using more time on phone that is dependency which affect on personal, occupational, social problem need to cope up with Medication and psychotherapy medication with antidepressant drug with SSRI, Bupropion, Naltexrone which decrease use of social media. Also psychotherapy like Cognitive Behavy Therapy, Rebt Cognitive Behavy Therapy, Rebt Rational Behaviour Therapy also help. Use minimum gadget and connect with people and family member in reality. Take sleep for 6 to 8 hour.

As the saying goes ‘It’s never too late’ so lets assume we are in 70s and take the ought of minimal usage of our phone.