Summer time and the living is easy and lazy. Not only for us but also our four legged furry friends. Dogs may experience a draw back in appetite in this season. So keeping them happy and engaged as well as safe should be our motto.

Ensuring clean fresh water is available at all times for your dogs. Changing the water frequently helps in keeping water borne diseases away.

Walk your dogs only in cooler parts of the day. Avoid walks when the sun is hot and high up in the sky. Not only are they susceptible to heat strokes but their paws tend to burn and peel and bleed due to heated tar roads / asphalt .

If your dogs have self access to open areas please put over head coverings so that they are in shaded areas only.

Short coated dogs may be applied with safe sun screens as well. (pet friendly sun screens are now available). In case your pet is long haired or double coated, please consult your vet whether to trim his coat or not.

Using paw creams at nights is a good ritual to follow so it soothes their paws in case they have had heated moments on them while walking.

Exercise is the key to having a happy dog and not just an excited one. So making sure we don’t short change our pets where their exercise time is concerned is our duty. We just need to be wise about the hours. Early mornings and late evenings and nights are good times to work out those energies. Water play and swimming is also a healthy way to help them be worked out and happy.

Foods such as water melon (minus the seeds), apples, bananas are great fillers and dogs seem busy and occupied eating these healthy treats. Even temperature wise, hot meals may be cooled down to room temperature and then enjoyed.

Please be careful with hosing down dogs as too much water drunk from this force of water output can be dangerous for your dogs.

It’s a great time to venture out into the mountains as a weekend break. Cool down and then be re energized for the onslaught of the heat hitting us back on.

Just like us humans, dogs too seem to be drained in hot months. Hopefully you have been wise in not having pets that are meant for extreme cold climates. If you do the air condition is your best bet.

Here’s to making the most and the best of what Mother Nature has for us. Hope you have benefited from this read.

Author: Niharika Kishan Gandhi is a trained Pet therapist and dog behaviourist, coached by the very reputed Cesar Millan, U.S.A. She is passionate about pets and feeds 100 stray dogs every day from the back of her car. The writer can be contacted at [email protected]