Mumbai: Corona is not cured by a drug called Coronil introduced by Patanjali. If Patanjali creates confusion among the people that this drug cures corona or tries to mislead the public, action will be taken under the Drugs and Witchcraft Remedies (Offensive Advertisements) Act, 1954 with the help of the Home Department, warned by Food and Drug Administration Minister Dr. Presented by Rajendra Shingane.

They are being misled by creating confusion among the masses that the drug cures the corona. Coronil, a drug made by Patanjali, is actually a tablet made using Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and Gulwel and is used to boost the immune system. The Ministry of AYUSH has also recommended that the above medicine contains Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and Gulwel to boost the immune system. In fact, it does not cure corona.

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Coronil is the name given to the drug (Corona + Nil) and advertisements through the media are creating confusion and confusion among the people. Coronil can only be used as a drug to boost the immune system. The public should take note that this drug does not cure corona, appealed done by Dr. Shingane.